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Haven’t Finished Reading that Bestseller? You’re Not Alone

The Goldfinch

Kobo has released data about how many people finish ebook bestsellers and data indicates that purchasing a book is no indication of willingness to read it.

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Kobo Sees Opportunities for Self-publishing in Europe

Camille Mofidi of Kobo

Camille Mofidi of Kobo Writing Life explains how the platform is helping writers in France, Germany and Italy leverage self-publishing opportunities.

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Marvel Adds Digital Comics to Kobo Catalog

Captain America

Dozens of Marvel comic book series are now available on Kobo’s digital reading platform, offering another alternative to ComiXology.

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Why the Digital Magazine Market Is Wide Open

aquafadas tablet lucnh

Allison Reber of Aquafadas asks why are the majority of magazines not going digital, outlines the challenges and reflects on possible solutions.

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Book Prices: Have Authors Lowballed Themselves?

18 March 2014 iStock_000022110025Small photog isaxar texted story image

This week Porter Anderson sets up an #EtherIssue discussion on the market implications of bargain-basement book prices and looks at Kobo’s fight for Agency.

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Catching Up with Kobo’s Michael Tamblyn on New Content, Tablets

Michael Tamblyn

Michael Tamblyn, the Chief Content Officer at Kobo, offers an update on the ebookseller’s magazine store, kids shop and international expansion.

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Ether for Authors: Where Is Publishing’s Jetpack?

22 October 2013 iStock_000024954293XSmall photog 1871yes texted story image

A look at a the week’s round of web musing on the future of publishing in concept, creative work, and technical production, after Frankfurt Book Fair.

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Should Self-publishing Platforms Censor Objectionable Books?


Several self-publishing ebook platforms have censored rape, incest and other objectionable titles while others appear to continue profiting from them.

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Can Kobo Conquer India? We’ll Know “Soon”

Malcolm Laneway, Kobo

Ebooks remain less than 1% of the market in India, but ‘even the niche in India is a big number,’ says the regional director for Kobo — which is launching ‘soon.’

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Ether for Authors: Is the Dust-Up Over Kobo’s Devices Fair?

3 September 2013 iStock_000013457655XSmall photog Brian Brown Images texted story image

In Publishing Perspectives’ Ether for Authors, Porter Anderson looks at controversy over Kobo’s new push, at ebook pricing, Frankfurt Academy’s CONTEC, and more.

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