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Amazon to Launch “Netflix for Ebooks” Subscription Service

kindle unlimited test page

Amazon will likely introduce an ebook subscription service, Kindle Unlimited, in the near future. Subscribers will have access to over 600,000 ebooks and audiobooks for $9.99 per month.

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Exploring the Beginnings of Electronic Literature

Perhaps the first electronic book, but the debate ensues.

At the Guardian, Allison Flood attempts to answer an intriguing question: What was the first ebook?

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State of Digital Publishing in Canada: The Official Report

Canada State of Digital Publishing

According to a report from BookNet Canada, “Canadian publishers have adapted to the appetite for digital reading and embraced ebook publishing as a new norm.”

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Amazon Trio: New German Imprint, Kindle Drop, Higher Prime

Kindle Paperwhite

Amazon news this week includes the launch of a new German language publishing imprint, lower Kindle sales for 2013, and a hike in the price of Prime.

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Read Complex STM Books on the Kindle? Not Possible? Not So

The digital edition of MIT's bestseller has recently been given a makeover by DCL.

Technical books, with charts and graphs, have always been a challenge for e-readers like the Kindle. DCL, working with MIT Press, believes it has come up with a solution.

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In Brazil, Amazon Starts Selling Kindles Direct, Books are Next

brazil flag

After 13 months of using partners to sell Kindles in Brazil, Amazon is now offering direct sales. If they can do that, books are not likely far behind.

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Is $319.20 Too Much to Pay for an Ebook?

Amazon's Most Expensive Ebook

In an article for the Paris Review, ‘This Month’s Most Expensive E-Books,’ Dan Piepenbring wonders what the limit is that people are willing to pay for an ebook.

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“Mein Kampf” Climbs the Digital Bestseller Lists: Why?

Mein Kampf

Has the permissiveness of the society, booksellers and publishers empowered the curious to turn cheap ebook editions of Mein Kampf into unfortunate bestsellers?

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How Self-Publishing Led Amazon to German Ebook Dominance

How to Publish in Germany

In Germany, where fixed price laws demand a level playing field, Amazon’s KDP gave its self-published authors an edge when it came to ebooks.

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Dinosaur Erotica: Seriously? Oh Yes, and It Sells

Taken by the T-Rex

Taken by the T-Rex might sound like a joke book title to you, but it’s part of an odd and oddly popular self-publishing subculture of monster erotica.

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