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The Advent of Robojournalism and Robowriting


Robotic writing software is now capable of producing acceptable news stories based on published reports and media outlets are beginning to rely on them.

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Charlie Hebdo’s Staff Dies for Freedom of Expression

A cartoon by Plantu

Since 2006, Charlie Hebdo journalists had been intent on maintaining the magazine’s freedom of expression concerning Islam and tragically died for it.

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Hole in Heart of Publishing Threatens Shelf Lives

hand finger point

A ghost writer and former journalist argues that publicists need to work more closely with authors and receive proper training if they are to be truly effective.

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Books in Browsers IV: Why We Should Not Imitate Snowfall

Snow Fall from the New York Times

At Books in Browsers, NYT digital designer Allen Tan urged content creators to first understand the underlying principles before jumping in to a project like Snow Fall.

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Storytelling in the GIF Economy

GIF. Credit: Chronicle Books

Like Twitter, the GIF compresses a narrative to terse story or convey an emotion, and they are being put to creative use by writers, publishers and institutions.

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GIF Guru Ann Friedman on Building an Audience


GIF guru Ann Friedman explains how how GIFs are being used by journalists to creatively enhance storytelling and reach new audiences.

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Barcelona Newspaper La Vanguardia Launches E-books

ebooks la vanguardia

Leading Barcelona newspaper La Vanguardia announced a new e-publishing venture, initially drawn from content written by reporters at the paper.

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Ex-President of RAE Advocates Pan-American Vision of Spanish

Víctor García de la Concha argues for a shift towards a more Pan-American vision of the Spanish language, rather than a Spain-centric one

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SNOB: Billionaire Backs Rebirth of the Russian Literary Magazine

It’s difficult to find a Russian author of note who has not written for SNOB, billionaire Mikhail Prokorov’s luxury lit mag. By Daniel Kalder Going […]

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