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“I Was a Juror at the Bologna Illustrators Exhibition…”

...even more illustrations.

Charles Kim describes what it is like to judge 15,000 illustrations for the prestigious Bologna Illustrators Exhibition in just a few days.

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Why Reading Translated Kids’ Books Makes a Difference

Daniel Hahn

‘Writing translated from other languages makes you see things differently,’ says UK translator Daniel Hahn who will mine the Bologna Book Fair for gems.

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Mondadori and RCS Libri: An Italian Publishing Coup in the Making?

Marcello Vena is the founder of media consultancy AllBrain

Marcello Vena discusses the offer Mondadori has made for RCS Libri, which would merge two of Italy’s strongest education and trade publishing groups.

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PP for Italy’s Giornale della Libreria: Ebook 2.0

Ben Denckla

Publishing Perspectives’s latest column for the Italy’s Giornale della Libreria is a translation of Benjamin Denckla’s article, “If Ebooks are Software, It’s Time for Version 2.0.”

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Italian Ebook Market Estimated to Grow 30-40% in 2015

Italian ebook market estimates from AllBrain

Marcello Vena of AllBrain’s recent survey of the Italian book market estimates Italian ebook sales nearing €60m, and growing 30-40% in 2015.

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Global Ebook Retailers Race to Beat Amazon into Latin America

Manuel Dávila of Ghandi

Global Spanish-language ebook retailers are racing to capture Latin American readers and bolster ebook sales before Amazon makes a big push into the region.

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Revisiting the Long Tail Theory as Applied to Ebooks

Marcello Vena is the founder of media consultancy AllBrain

The myth of the Long Tail for ebooks may be fading away as the digital book market grows, and it is operated by few mega e-retailers, argues Marcello Vena.

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Edicola: Bringing New Chilean and Italian Authors to the World


Founded in 2012, Chile’s Edicola publishes new Chilean and Italian authors in Spanish, Italian, and English in both print and ebook formats.

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The Translation That Became a Most Unlikely Bestseller

The Name of the Rose, as published by Italy's Bompani

Umberto Eco’s The Name of the Rose celebrates 30 years in translation and in print this year — but still confounds even the most erudite readers.

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Kobo Sees Opportunities for Self-publishing in Europe

Camille Mofidi of Kobo

Camille Mofidi of Kobo Writing Life explains how the platform is helping writers in France, Germany and Italy leverage self-publishing opportunities.

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