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Expanding the International Rights Market for Children’s Books

Stephanie Barrouillet

A new breed of independent foreign rights professionals specialized in children’s book rights sales has emerged, and they are finding new homes abroad for kids’ literature.

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When It Comes to Tech, Execution Wins Out Over Ideas

Investor Yossi Vardi shared his business insight at the Frankfurt Book Fair

Yossi Vardi, Israel’s preeminent tech investor and entrepreneur, offers his secrets to success.

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French Cartoonist Banned from Israel

Maximilien Le Roy

Maximilien Le Roy, a French cartoonist invited to the Palestine Cartoon Festival, was banned from Israel for his work on Palestine.

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How a Book Fair Forever Changed US/Soviet Literary Relations

Moscow International Book Fair interior

Martin Levin recounts how the inaugural Moscow Book Fair opened its doors to American and Western publishers, fostering better US/Soviet relations through the years.

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New Law in Israel Curtails Bookstore Discounts

Israeli Flag

A new law in Israel is designed to maintain publisher, bookstore and author profits by limiting discounts in the highly competitive bookselling market.

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Writing is “Facing Up to Reality,” say Grossman, Vargas Llosa

David Grossman and Mario Vargas Llosa engaged in a spirited discussion during the first day of FIL Guadalajara, where Israel is the Guest of Honor.

Writing should be about confronting issues to provoke change, said Israel’s David Grossman to Nobel Prize-winner Mario Vargas Llosa at the FIL in Guadalajara.

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Does Translated Fiction Too Often Cater to Cliché?

Michael Z. Wise

Do all French novels in English translation have to be set in a Paris Hemingway would still recognize? Or all Israeli novels focus on the mideast conflict?

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Book Market Licensing Snapshots: Croatia and Israel

Seid Serdarević

Our regular series looking at what’s happening in a number of key publishing territories around the world peeks in on Croatia and Israel.

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Stunning New Book Explores Symbolism of West Bank Barrier


Olivia Snaije and Mitch Albert’s new book ‘Keep Your Eye on the Wall: Palestinian Landscapes’ offers a challenging, witty, and altogether unique look at the West Bank barrier.

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Israel Promises Fireworks at Guadalajara International Book Fair

FIL Israel

As the guest of honor at this year’s Guadalajara International Book Fair (FIL), Israel will bring 36 writers, 10 publishing houses, artists, musicians and more.

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