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#EtherIssue: Counting Ebooks in a Writer Wonderland

20 December 2013 iStock_000029370504XSmall photog YaniKap texted story image 2

Publishing Perspectives’ #EtherIssue debate on the allegedly slowing ebook market reveals apparent contradictions in self-publishing interests.

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Ether for Authors: Can We Stop Short of Overstatement?

26 November 2013 iStock_000000894187XSmall photog AlpTraum texted story image

Our weekly round-up of web buzz from Porter Anderson looks at how easily exaggerated interpretations of publishing industry commentary can skew the debate.

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Ether for Authors: Rumors of the ISBN’s Demise

18 March 2013 iStock_000008798702XSmall photog SolarSeven Texted Story Image

Porter Anderson’s weekly round-up of Web buzz for authors takes on the fate of the ISBN, the idea of the author platform, the prospects for used ebooks, and more.

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SURVEY: Is It Time to Get Rid of the ISBN?

An ISBN code / Wikipedia

ISBNs date back to the 1960s, but many think the system no longer reflects the realities of the digital age. Should the ISBN system be abolished, updated, or left alone?

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Bowker Intro’s 1-Stop ISBN Ebook Conversion Service

Bowker eBook Conversion Service

Bowker, the official ISBN agency of the US, has partnered for e-book conversion Data Conversion Laboratory (DCL) to offer a new 1-stop shop for authors.

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Publishing in India Today: 19,000 Publishers, 90,000 Titles, Many Opportunities


India’s publishing industry faces rising challenges for editorial departments, new business models for distribution, and the rise of agenting in India.

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Using Text to “Enhance” E-books and Other Insights from the 2011 Leipzig Book Fair

Germany’s second biggest book fair offers a barometer of what’s obsessing the world’s third largest publishing industry By Siobhan O’Leary LEIPZIG: Students from the HTWK […]

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ISBNs and E-books: The Ongoing Dilemma

• Should publishers assign a unique ISBN for each e-book format of each title they publish, and what are the implications either way? • There […]

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Poll: Do You Assign Individual ISBNs to Each E-book Format?

By Edward Nawotka In today’s lead story, Erik Christopher looks at the various issues publishers have to face when considering whether or not to assign […]

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