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Get the Frankfurt Book Fair App for iPhone and Android

The Frankfurt Book Fair’s extensive event listings, exhibitor catalogue, maps and and general information have been packaged for for smartphones.

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Don’t Trip: App Lets You Read and Walk at the Same Time

By Hannah Johnson We all know what happens when you walk and look at your phone at the same time: accidents happen (seriously, click here […]

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The Atavist: New Publisher/E-Reading Platform to Launch Soon

By Hannah Johnson What can you do with a 7,000-word article or essay? Magazines typically won’t run something that long; blog readers won’t take the […]

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Richard Nash Q&A: Sneak Peak at Redlemonade, Discusses Reading, Personal History

By Chris Kubica Last week, I asked my colleague, Richard Nash, founder of Cursor — a “Publishing 3.0” startup based in Brooklyn, New York, publishing […]

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Enhanced E-books 5X More Popular than Conventional E-books, says Germany’s Textunes

• Germany’s textunes reports that sales of its enhanced e-books have surpassed conventional e-books • Managing Director Simon Seeger credits the iPad with some of […]

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Social Entertainment Site GetGlue Launches IPhone App

by Helen Gregg A growing social networking site focusing on books, movies, video games, television shows, and music launched its iPhone app yesterday, reported eBookNewser. […]

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Lining Up to Buy an iPhone 4

By Hannah Johnson In New York City, people were already lining up by 9 pm to buy the new iPhone 4 at the Apple Store […]

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Textunes Moves Beyond “Classic E-Books,” Combines Crime Novels with Language Learning

By Siobhan O’Leary BERLIN: Last month, Germany’s textunes released its first ever bundled book, comprising both a print and an e-book: Tor Arge Brinsvaard’s Die […]

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Digitizing Double Page Explosions: London Looks at Comics as E-books

By Liz Bury LONDON: The Comics & Graphic Novels Pavilion, complete with Comics Café, made its debut at the the London Book Fair this year. […]

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Textunes Sold 50,000 E-books in Germany in 09

By Siobhan O’Leary As in the US, there has been a disappointingly paltry revelation of hard figures in Germany when it comes to e-book sales. […]

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