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Innovation Taking the Publishing Business Beyond Borders

international books

Smart publishers are thinking of their business as global instead of local. This may come as a surprise to some who see it as a novelty instead of the norm.

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Is Literature Losing a Battle with Commercial Monoculture?

never let me go kazuo ishiguro

As the world is being set up to facilitate frictionless commercial transactions between diverse cultures, is literary fiction losing its role?

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Cultural Homogeneity and the Future of Literary Translation

Translator Burton Pike

‘A creeping homogenization’ and generic international content and style is depleting the cultural integrity of literary prose and translation, argues Burton Pike.

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Bribery and the Ethics of Publishing in the Developing World

Brian Jones

When working in Nigeria, for example, bribes can expedite customs and secure contracts. Do the ends justify the means, or might you threaten your whole brand?

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Introducing Porter Anderson’s Ether for Authors: Sans Frontières

Porter Anderson

Each Tuesday, Porter Anderson’s Ether for Authors: Sans Frontières—a new weekly column focused on the news, needs and neurosis of authors—across the globe.

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Working in an Overseas Publishing House? Tell Us Your Story

We’re always looking to share interesting, enlightening, and intriguing tales of work/travel, so don’t hesitate, send us an e-mail and say hi.

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How Well Do Children’s Classics Travel Abroad?

Experience suggests that even at an early age children are forming a cultural identity that, while malleable, also prejudices the familiar over the foreign.

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Should Small Nations Collectively Digitize Their Work?

Should small market nations bring together a collective to digitize the publishers holdings when doing so as individual publishers might otherwise prove unfeasible?

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‘Every Book is a Leap of Faith': HMH’s Lauren Wein on Int’l Literary Publishing

Houghton Mifflin Harcourt Senior Editor Lauren Wein is a champion of international writers and looks for writers from unexpected sources.

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E-book Explosion Outside US at Least Three Years Away

A panel at of executives at Publishers Launch agreed that e-books were still three years away from reaching even 10% market penetration.

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