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Tamil Publishing Continues to Struggle in the Age of Digital

Ponniyin Selevan Tamil

Today, Tamil writing continues to struggle and faces challenges all modern publishers face, particularly in fiction, where writers have forsaken the language.

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In the Global Book Market, India and Brazil Remain Hot

Andre Breedt

India and Brazil are the places to be for publishers, according to figures revealed by Nielsen’s Andre Breedt in a swift overview of the global book market.

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Five Experts Discuss Asian Translation and Translators


The Asian Review of Books, recently invited 5 experts to discuss translations and the role they play in bringing Asian literature to English-speaking readers.

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Mobile Tech is the Next Frontier for Content

Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg says the internet itself is not important, it's what the internet empowers people to do.

Reporting from the Mobile World Congress, Beatrice Stauffer notes the strong advances in mobile tech are creating opportunities for content providers.

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Hindi Literature: A Fomenting Revolution

Termans and Conditions Apply

A new breed of writers in Hindi, many of them graduates of the prestigious IIT-IIM, are “seeking to become the agents of a new revolution in Hindi literature.”

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India’s GLOBALOCAL, Part 2: Innovation, Marketing, Mashups

Kaushik Sampath

Day 2 of our coverage of the Frankfurt Book Fair’s GLOBALOCAL event in New Delhi takes in talks on innovation and marketing, the Asian marketplace and mashups.

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Indian STM Publishing Worth $200m, 20% Growth, 2% Ebooks


A snapshot of STM publishing in India, which represents 84% of the publishing industry’s profits in the country, from this February’s GLOBALOCAL conference.

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Delhi’s GLOBALOCAL, Part 1: Many Voices, Many Observations

Linda Tan Lindgard

Vinutha Mallya recaps the highlights of GLOBALOCAL 2014, the ‘forum for content’ organized by the German Book Office, New Delhi and the Frankfurt Book Fair.

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Fallout Continues from Penguin Books India Debacle

Wendy Doniger

One week after news broke that Penguin Books India had recalled and destroyed Wendy Doniger’s “The Hindus” the negative fall out continues.

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In India, Authors Turn to Book Trailers to Boost Sales

Chant Book Trailer

“If a picture is worth 1000 words, a good trailer is worth a 1000 copies sold?,” asks The Hindu about the growing popularity of book trailers in India.

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