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The Bookselling Secrets of London’s Daunt Books

In Europe by Guest Contributor

• Independent bookselling is not dead, but it takes close attention to the details — and a carefully edited selection of books — to thrive in the real world. • Selective promotion supported by review coverage and bookseller enthusiasm are the key to moving dozens of books a day out the door. By Edward Nawotka LONDON: One title displayed at …

Indie Bookstore for Sale at BookExpo: “Rare Opportunity!”

In What's the Buzz by Karen Holt

By Karen Holt Where would you advertise if you had a bookstore to sell? Why not a booksellers convention? That’s what one independent bookstore store owner is doing. A woman — she says she was hired by the owner but isn’t authorized to reveal the name of the store of its owner — walked the convention floor Wednesday carrying a …