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Dutch Court Shutters Ebook Resale Site…For Now

Tom's Kabinet

A Dutch appeals court has forced the closure of online ebook reseller Tom Kabinet until the company can prove all books for sale were legally obtained.

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World Editions Translates Dutch Lit for English Readers

Eric Visser

Veteran Dutch publisher Eric Visser launches World Editions a new translation house focused on bringing Dutch and international lit to a global readership.

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An Affluent Affinity: Dutch/German Publishing Relations

Screen Shot 2014-10-02 at 11.23.03 AM

Reintje Gianotten of the Dutch Foundation for Literature discusses the symbiotic relationship between German and Dutch publishing and its long history.

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Book Licensing Market Snapshots: The Netherlands and Spain

global partnerships

In the Netherlands agents and subagents are growing in influence; in Spain the poor economy has led publishers to experiment with formats and price points.

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Bookstore Marketing Promotions Spread Across Europe

Books Are My Bag Campaign

The USA’s IndieBound initiative to promote book purchases from local independent bookstores has prompted similar campaigns in the UK, Germany, and Holland.

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Innovation Taking the Publishing Business Beyond Borders

international books

Smart publishers are thinking of their business as global instead of local. This may come as a surprise to some who see it as a novelty instead of the norm.

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Is There a Formula for an International Bestseller?

The Rainbow Troops

Some bestselling novels are too culturally specific to resonate with an international audience. Those that are translated will always be subject to readers’ unpredictable whims.

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Bringing the Best of Russian and Other Slavic Literature to the West

Metro 2034 is being offered in a Dutch tranlsation

Most if not all of the names Glagoslav’s publishes will be unknown to English speakers. This is the point, says the director of this young Anglo-Dutch translation house.

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Being Dutch—and Digital—Offers Unique Publishing Opportunities

Timo Boezeman Photo

The modest size of the Dutch market means publishers need to be creative and smart about digital investments, while a facility with English opens the world.

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Dutch Delay App Gives You Stories Tailored to Your Free Time

iPhone 2

A trio of Dutch publishers have released an iPhone e-reading app that offers readers the ability to choose a story based on their available time to read.

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