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Gabo Graphic Novel Bio Boosts Colombia’s Publishing Profile


A graphic novel adaptation of the life of Gabriel García Márquez published by Rey+Naranjo in Bogota has brought new attention to Colombia’s graphic novel industry.

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The Perfect Secret Post-Soviet Graphic Novel


Jihad, a Ukrainian graphic novel with a wild and unlikely publishing history, is, says Daniel Kalder, ‘the perfect secret post-Soviet graphic novel.’

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Breaking Down Barriers for Mexican Graphic Novels


Citing Mexico’s tradition of pictorial storytelling and penchant for the surreal, publisher Editorial Resistencia makes the case that the graphic novel is the ideal format for Mexican readers.

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Does the West Dismiss Graphic Storytelling as Second Class?

American Born Chinese 2

It’s rare in the West for graphic novels to win mainstream accolades and readership, but in Asia, it is the norm. In the US, isn’t it time for that to change?

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Why Asia is Obsessed with Graphic Novels and Comics

Darkness Outside the Night

Printed graphic storytelling is an extension of all that has been performed for centuries across Asia, where often the word and the graphic symbol are one.

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Publishing is Seriously Nostalgic About Comics, But Why?

Marvel Comics

Using Sean Howes’ biography of Marvel Comics as a prism, Daniel Kalder considers the fate of comics, a declining art that makes billions in merchandise and movies.

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Iranian Bestseller Built by Social Media, Sold Through Synergy

Zahra's Paradise

How Zahra’s Paradise, a graphic novel about a protester who goes missing during the Iranian demonstrations of 2009, turned into a surprise global bestseller.

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Graphic Novelist Raina Telgemeier on Creating Her Own Little Niche


Raina Telgemeier success making graphic novels aimed at young female readers has helped expand the boundaries of the genre.

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‘Jerusalem’ by Guy Delisle Wins Angouleme Comic Festival Prize


Canadian Guy Delisle won this year’s Fauve d’Or, or Best Comic Book Award at the Angouleme Comic Festival for Jerusalem: Chronicles from the Holy City.

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‘Zombie Iceland’ and Other Inventions from the Minds of Okeibækur

Icelandic comic book publisher Okeibækur specializes in ‘geek culture’ and serves up hilarious doses of the wild, wacky and profane.

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