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My Favorite Literary Feud of 2012: Tolstoy Gets Nook’ed

Leo Tolstoy had no idea what a Nook was, and yet...

Superior Formatting Publishing offered a version of War and Peace, through B&N’s Nook store, but a find/replace error changed the word Kindle to Nook throughout.

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Grammar Today: Rigid Rules or Rhetorical Choices?

Hodges Harbrace

Teaching grammar rules as commandments takes the fun out of working with the language, says the editor of Cengage’s Hodges Harbrace Handbook.

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SURVEY: Is it Web or web, Internet or internet, eBook or E-book?

ethernet internet cables

There is not much consensus on the proper way to write out technology-related words. Take our survey and tell us how you do it.

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Please Don’t Use “The” Before Kindle or Nook

Amazon and Barnes & Noble are on a mission to drop ‘the’ and other articles from references to their Kindle and Nook platforms and devices. Really?

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Error-Free E-books Will Come “When Cars Can Drive Themselves”

E-book reading devices

Why are there so many damn errors in e-books? One frustrated reader sought answers from a prominent digital publisher and two conversion houses.

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Are You More Forgiving of Errors in E-books?

If e-books feel more ephemeral than print books, are the mistakes therein less alarming?

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Learn the F**king Rules!

Grammatical, spelling and formatting errors in books and e-books are becoming more commonplace, but do overstretched publishers give a damn?

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SURVEY: Has Digitization Increased Errors in Books?

More errors are appearing in books and e-books. Is digitization to blame? Are editors overworked? Are consumers demanding too much content?

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How to Spell “website” and Other Social Media Style Rules

By Hannah Johnson The 2010 AP Stylebook is available today in print, and you might actually want to rush out and buy yourself a copy […]

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