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In Russia, One Textbook Publisher Rules Them All

Russian Flag

In Russia, a recent tender for school textbooks was so lopsided, with Prosveshcheniye dominating, that several competitors are already announcing lay offs.

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French Pass “Anti-Amazon” Law Ending Discounts and Free Shipping

Anti Amazon

The French parliament passed a long-debated law that will end’s ability to offer a combined 5% discount and free shipping on books shipped to France.

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Belarus Pours $150 Million Into “National Literature”

A selection of titles from Mataskaya Literatura.

The government of Belarus is intent on supporting its national literature and is offering the industry some $150 million in subsidies to keep it going.

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Argentina’s Book Market Reels from Economic Challenges

Buenos Aires' book fair remains a wildly popular event among Porteños.

Argentina’s publishing industry has suffered serious setbacks due to changes in government policies, but some see opportunity despite the challenges.

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Russian Government Considers Support for Bookselling

Putin believes the decrease in interest in reading may corrupt Russian society.

The decrease in reading in Russia has alarmed government officials, who are considering various proposals to support bookselling and the promotion of reading.

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Slovenians Cheer Passage of Fixed Book Price Law

euro coins

Years of effort on behalf of publishers has resulted in a new fixed book price law in Slovenia, which should help stabilize the tiny nation’s book business.

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Can Textbook Nationalization Curb “Profiteering Publishers”?

Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orbán

Hungary nationalized primary school textbook production to thwart what are viewed as ‘profiteering publishers'; Poland and South Africa are considering similar changes.

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PublishNews Brazil: Saraiva Gets New CEO, Book Policies Go Back to Brasilia

Minister of Culture Marta Suplicy and and president of the National Library Foundation (FBN) Renato Lessa

In Brazil, Saraiva gets a new CEO, the Ministry of Culture moves oversite of book policies back to Brasilia, and a university press finds success with free ebooks by its professors.

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SURVEY: Is It Time to Get Rid of the ISBN?

An ISBN code / Wikipedia

ISBNs date back to the 1960s, but many think the system no longer reflects the realities of the digital age. Should the ISBN system be abolished, updated, or left alone?

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PublishNews Brazil: More Megastores Opening, Workers Get Book Vouchers

The dragon hanging over the interior or Livraria Cultura in São Paulo

The dominant Brazilian bookstore chains continue to open new megastores, the government is issuing 18.8m workers vouchers to spend on books, and Abril Educação is prepping its IPO.

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