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Does Winning a Literary Award Lead to Negative Reviews?

Thumbs Down

A new study reports that after a book wins an award its social media ratings tend to dip. The Guardian explains why.

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Ether for Authors: What Happens When Everybody’s a Critic?

24 August 2013 iStock_000027387348XSmall Kourion mosaic photog CaronB texted story image

Our look at the week’s web buzz including hotbutton issues around reader reviews, at questions of print vs. ebooks, and at Amy Tan’s new book cover.

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SURVEY: Goodreads After Amazon, Yeah or Nay?

question mark survey

Seven weeks have passed since Goodreads’ announced it was selling out to Amazon. At the time, many cried for a boycott. Have you followed through?

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Number of Publishers’ Branded Reader Communities Set to Explode

Jane Tappuni

Publishing Technology’s recent study reveals a majority of publishers plan to maintain or launch multiple branded online reader communities in the next two years.

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Why Is Goodreads So Valuable To Amazon?


The Atlantic’s Jordan Weissmann speculates that Amazon bought Goodreads to access the site’s group of super fans, readers who buy a lot of books and influence even more purchases.

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Ether for Authors: Goodreads. Badreactions.

1 April 2013 iStock_000020251169XSmall image maker Udra Texted Story Image

Porter Anderson recaps the social media meltdown surrounding Amazon’s purchase of Goodreads and uncovers several cooler heads who offer realistic perspectives.

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Amazon Acquires Goodreads, Twitter Shock Ensues

goodreads-badge-lg announced that it would acquire Goodreads, a social networking site for readers. Publishers and readers reacted with a range of emotion from joy to anger.

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Share Your Top Publishing Prediction for 2013


Will 2013 feature more publishing consolidation? Free Kindles? Goodreads becoming a bookseller? Will a self-publisher win a major prize? Share your thoughts.

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Goodreads’ CEO on Winning the Battle of Book Discovery

Otis Chandler

After analyzing 5,750,000 books on Goodreads, Otis Chandler shares his insights on the evolving nature of book discovery. The short version: once isn’t enough.

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Do You Trust an Algorithm to Help You Choose Books?

Traditionally, marketing puts seeds in readers minds. Increasingly, social media, SEO and metadata are being thrown into the mix. But do you trust them?

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