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Matthias Matting

Matthias Matting introduces, a new web site that connects authors from across the world to assist each other with marketing efforts.

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6 Reasons Why English Writers Should Self-publish in Germany

Leonie Langer

The German ebook self-publishing market is exploding and here are 6 reasons why smart English-speaking writers should take advantage of the opportunity.

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Yawn No More: Americans and the Market for Foreign Fiction

Susan Harris of Words Without Borders

As proven by the conversations at BookExpo America, American publishers, editors and readers may finally be coming around to embracing more foreign literature.

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Global Book Market Snapshots: France and Germany

Laurel Zuckerman

In France, the popularity of French should fuel more translations and rights sales. In Germany, the book industry edges tentatively into the future.

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Jaron Lanier to Receive 2014 Peace Prize from German Book Trade

Jaron Lanier

Jaron Lanier will receive the 2014 Peace Prize of the German Book Trade for his writing and advocacy about ‘the dangers involved when human beings are reduced to digital categories.’

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Literary Agent Q&A: Barbara Griffini of Berla & Griffini Rights Agency

Barbara Griffini, literary agent

Barbara Griffini, a translator and literary agent representing Italian authors, provides a snapshot of her working life selling rights in Europe and the US.

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Amazon Bullies Publishers Overseas As Well

Anti Amazon

Amazon is seeking better contract terms with Bonnier in Germany and seeking leverage by stocking fewer Bonnier titles and slowing deliveries.

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A Magic Formula? Or How to Sell a German Book in America

Maxim Leo

Maxim Leo’s bestselling memoir ‘Red Love’ won the European Book Prize in 2011, but it took the commitment of a small publisher to bring it to English-speakers.

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Berlin’s Re:publica14: Making the Internet Strong and Free

Republica 14

Re:publica14 in Berlin offered a glimpse into the German internet psyche, which is consumed with issues of net neutrality, censorship and political pranks.

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Bridging the Gap: Why Publishing’s Future is at Risk

Baldur Bjarnason

Digital publishing is easier. But what if your customers want something that doesn’t look or work like an ebook? What if you can’t make what the consumer wants?

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