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Forget Your Preconceptions About Teenagers and Reading

nielsen square

The children’s book market has grown 44% in the last decade. Why? Because, as Nielsen’s Children’s Book Summit detailed, kids and teens still read — a lot.

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“It’s Collaborative Now,” says Egmont UK of Game Development

Stephanie Gauld of Egmont UK is sanguine about the relationship between publishers and games developers.

Stephanie Gauld, Digital Publisher at Egmont UK believes the culture gap between publishers and games developers can be bridged, though misconceptions persist.

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Publishers and Games Developers Face Culture Clash

Rob Barnes, Creative Director of the UK's Project Factory, says that publishers

Publishers and game developers come from different worlds and cultures, with one games developer describing the working relationship as ‘a nightmare.’

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How Writers Can Work with Games Developers

Bedlam Brookmyre

At the London Book Fair last week experts in video games development shared their insight on how writers can break into the lucrative and growing industry.

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Using the “World Itself as a Storytelling Canvas”

Corey King

Storydrive Frankfurt speaker Cory King describes how his ambitious game Clandestine: Anomaly aims to define augmented reality storytelling.

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Is Interactive Fiction Finally Reaching Critical Mass?

the black crown project

Several new high profile interactive fiction titles have been released so far this year, suggesting that publishers and readers may finally be ready for the medium.

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StoryDrive Conference and SPARKS Push “Storytelling” to the Max

Edward Nawotka looks at the cross-polination that comes from the StoryDrive and SPARKS conferences at The Frankfurt Book Fair with film, gaming, and books.

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As Poptropica Hits 75m Users, Penguin Plans Print Spinoff

Starting in 2012 Penguin will publish books based on ‘islands’ from the wildly popular Poptropica game site.

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Ready Reader One: Why Gamification is Key to Publishing’s Future

Gabe Zicherman explains that most people don’t buy books for a love of reading, but to be transported to another reality — something gamification can deliver.

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Does Gamification Turn Readers Into Winners and Losers?

Gamification asks readers to solve problems, find clues, and achieve goals, but what happens to the reader who fails at these tasks?

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