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On the Demise of Readmill and Secondary Orality


Corey Pressman of Exprima Media links the closure of Readmill to the evolution of post-print culture, or what Marshall McLuhan called ‘the second orality.’

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Amazon Trio: New German Imprint, Kindle Drop, Higher Prime

Kindle Paperwhite

Amazon news this week includes the launch of a new German language publishing imprint, lower Kindle sales for 2013, and a hike in the price of Prime.

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UK’s ValoBox: Selling, Sharing Books at Point of Discovery

valobox logo

UK-based startup ValoBox offers an attractive revenue sharing model for those who use social media as a catalyst to sell books, empowering discovery.

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New Law in Israel Curtails Bookstore Discounts

Israeli Flag

A new law in Israel is designed to maintain publisher, bookstore and author profits by limiting discounts in the highly competitive bookselling market.

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Is Binge Reading the New Binge Watching?


Fifty Shades of Grey started more than just the trend in erotica: it inspired publishers to release books in series in rapid succession.

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Why Image Comics Embodies the Future of the Industry

Samuel Sattin

Image Comics may be best known as the publisher of The Walking Dead, but its their business model which is truly noteworthy, writes Samuel Sattin.

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Surviving in the Face of Abundance

Helmut von Berg is a director at Klopotek AG

Our world is overflowing with media. To argue in favor of more specialization and differentiation seems foolish – but still it is neither avoidable nor impossible, writes Helmut von Berg.

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Will US Publishers Risk Dealing with a Russian Ebook Service?

Bookmate, a Russian ebook subscription service, wants to attract English language publishers to its platform to cater to developing markets.

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What’s Stopping U.S. Writers from Fighting NSA Surveillance?


PEN America has issued a report whose title says it all — Chilling Effects: NSA Surveillance Drives U.S. Writers to Self-Censor. But isn’t it within writers to fight back?

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Ether for Authors: Where Is Publishing’s Jetpack?

22 October 2013 iStock_000024954293XSmall photog 1871yes texted story image

A look at a the week’s round of web musing on the future of publishing in concept, creative work, and technical production, after Frankfurt Book Fair.

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