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Bragelonne: Fighting France’s Book Snobs with Success

Stéphane Marsan

Publisher Bragelonne has found extraordinary success selling what others in France might deign to be untouchable, including fantasy, romance, and ebooks.

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Syrian Author Moustafa Khalifé on Writing Post-Imprisonment

La-coquille (1)

Syrian novelist Moustafa Khalifé discusses the writing his novel about his long imprisonment, ‘La Coquille,’ and the lingering effects of incarceration.

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Actes Sud Editor Brings Syrian, Arabic Literature to France

Mardam-Bey Farouk

Actes Sud editor Farouk Mardam-Bey is responsible for some 80% of France’s translations of Arabic literature and has put a new spotlight on Syrian works.

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French Pass “Anti-Amazon” Law Ending Discounts and Free Shipping

Anti Amazon

The French parliament passed a long-debated law that will end’s ability to offer a combined 5% discount and free shipping on books shipped to France.

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Literary Agent Q&A: Lora Fountain on Graphic Novels and France

Lora Fountain, Paris-based literary agent

Lora Fountain, a literary agent based in Paris, talks about the challenges of selling graphic novel translations in an increasingly digital and competitive marketplace.

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To Knausgaard or Not to Knausgaard, That is the Question?

Karl Ove Knausgaard: The Most Interesting Man in the World?

Knausgaard may be the perfect writer for our social media fueled era. Even so, his popularity remains surprising, especially considering the many alternatives.

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Global Book Market Snapshots: France and Germany

Laurel Zuckerman

In France, the popularity of French should fuel more translations and rights sales. In Germany, the book industry edges tentatively into the future.

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Why Don’t French Publishers Have a Global Reach?

Agent Pierre Astier

In the Guardian, Pierre Astier and Laure Pecher examine the position of French publishers, noting they remain isolated by hidebound rights practices.

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Arnold Goldhammer on Making a Living from Translations

Arthur Goldhammer

Arthur Goldhammer has translated some 130 books from the French and makes his living solely from translations, something increasingly rare today.

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The Life of Argentine Literature in France

The translation of tk's novel has proven popular in France.

Argentina and France have had a long and dynamic literary relationship, one that took center stage at last month’s Salon du Livre in Paris.

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