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Moroccan Book & Comics Festivals Promote East/West Dialogue


Rabat is a hotbed of literary activity, with the Etonnants Voyageurs literary festival opening today, and the International Comics Festival coming next month.

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Do French Comics Sell Abroad? The French Say “Mais Oui”

Blacksad, by Juan Diaz Carnales is just one example of a French title that has proven popular in the US.

Colombine Depaire and Alicen Hubert offer concrete examples of the growing popularity of French BD and comics in the United States.

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Licensing to the Arab World Poses Unique Opportunities

middle east globe

Book rights directors Rebecca Byers of Plon-Perrin and Benita Edzard of Robert Laffont discuss the unique challenges and opportunities of working the Arab World.

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Is it Time to Retire the Term “Francophone”?

The international symbol for Francophone.

A campaign exists to retire the term Francophone. But if we replace “Francophone” with “world literature in French,” does that suffice?

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On Dany Laferrière, Language and the Académie Française

Dany Laferrière

Haitian-Canadian writer Dany Laferrière — who supports the end of the use of the term Francophone — has been admitted to Académie Française, prompting debate.

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In France, Right Wing Attacks “Immoral” Children’s Books

Everybody's Naked

A growing right wing movement France has begun attacking children’s books depicting content (nudity, homosexuality) they call ‘immoral.’

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Reading in Bed? Non Merci!

How could this scene be improved? Let me state the ways...

Following Bernard Pivot’s revelation that he only uses his bed for making love, Roger Tagholm proposes a new book campaign: Read (Make) Love Sleep.

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France’s Bernard Pivot: A Lifetime of Literature

Bernard Pivot (Photo: AFP Alain Jocard)

Bernard Pivot is the new president of the Académie Goncourt, a perfect role for ‘the best informed man on what is happening today in the world of books in France and even abroad.’

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School Specialized in Comic Books to Open in Paris

Guy Delcourt

Coinciding with the Angoulême International Comics Festival tomorrow, French comics guru Guy Delcourt has announced the opening of a new comic book academy in Paris.

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New Boutique Publishers Return to the “Essence” of Publishing


France’s Allary Éditions and Sweden’s Haute Culture Books promise a return to the ‘essence’ of publishing, producing books with greater care and exuberance.

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