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Why Foreign Rights are a Big Deal for Small Publishers

Foreign Rights Books 3

At Berrett-Koehler Publishers foreign rights sales account for 10% of revenue, much of it from backlist, and are rewarding both financially and culturally.

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Has Transparency Made Book Scouts More or Less Important?

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Does the increased flow of information negate a book scout’s competitive advantage or make whatever edge they can give a publisher all the more important?

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Why Foreign Bestsellers Often Fail in Japan

Virtual Hayakawa

Rongu seraa, the Japanese equivalent of bestselling backlist, means the odds are heavily stacked against new foreign bestsellers finding readers in Japan.

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What is the Appropriate Term for a Book Contract?

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With digitization offering authors new opportunities faster that publishers can take advantage of them, long book contracts grow increasingly unattractive.

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A Self-Help Rights Guide for Independent Publishers

Rights Hardt

Petra Hardt, Foreign Rights Director at Berlin’s Suhrkamp Verlag, has written ‘Rights: Buying. Protecting. Selling’ to help publishers make the best choices.

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Foreign Rights Directors in France: The Advantages of Being Foreign

Four foreign-born French rights directors discuss the differences between working abroad and in Paris, where the job is ‘more important, more stimulating, and there’s more responsibility.’

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‘Every Book is a Leap of Faith’: HMH’s Lauren Wein on Int’l Literary Publishing

Houghton Mifflin Harcourt Senior Editor Lauren Wein is a champion of international writers and looks for writers from unexpected sources.

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Graphic Novelist Alex de Campi Uses Kickstarter to Sell Print, Film and Foreign Rights


Graphic novelist Alex de Campi is using Kickstarter to raise $27,000 to fund production of her latest project, including selling print, film and foreign rights.

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National Book Council of Malaysia at Center of Malay Rights and Licenses Business

Q&A with Adibah Omar, Project Manager at the National Book Council of Malaysia

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Between Shades of Gray: The Making of an International Bestseller

Beth Kephart writes about how Ruta Sepetys’ novel Between Shades of Gray became an international bestseller.

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