The Billion Copy Opportunity

In Growth Markets by Guest Contributor

By Lewis Manalo CHINA: By now it’s a scene we in the West are familiar with: a swordsman or — swordswoman — makes an acrobatic leap to a stone-tiled rooftop and sets off in pursuit of a masked bandit. The swordsman leaps from roof to roof, across ridiculous distances and with such balletic grace, he seems to be on the edge …

The Future with Flippers: A Cautionary Tale for the Book Biz

In What's the Buzz by Edward Nawotka

By Edward Nawotka “So, in 2020, we’ll all arrive in one-piece jersey romper suits woven out of pulped hardback books and synthetic slippers made from discarded Kindle e-readers.” Thus begins Tyler Brûlé’s satirical vision of what the world might look like in another ten years if the iPad and other touch screen devices become dominant — and we don’t find a …

Review: Shadow Tag by Louise Erdrich

In Book Review by Gwendolyn Dawson


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