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Italian Ebook Market Estimated to Grow 30-40% in 2015

Italian ebook market estimates from AllBrain

Marcello Vena of AllBrain’s recent survey of the Italian book market estimates Italian ebook sales nearing €60m, and growing 30-40% in 2015.

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Turkish Book Rights Market Buffeted by Currency Fluctuations

Amy Marie Spangler of the AnatoliaLit Literary Agency

Amy Marie Spangler of the AnatoliaLit Agency surveys the Turkish book market and the challenges it faces due to currency and political fluctuations.

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Dutch Court Shutters Ebook Resale Site…For Now

Tom's Kabinet

A Dutch appeals court has forced the closure of online ebook reseller Tom Kabinet until the company can prove all books for sale were legally obtained.

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Oui, French Readers are Just as E-Trashy as Everyone Else


French readers like many trashy books just as much everyone else; Americans are the most unlikely to finish a book…and more insights from e-book pros.

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Revisiting the Long Tail Theory as Applied to Ebooks

Marcello Vena

The myth of the Long Tail for ebooks may be fading away as the digital book market grows, and it is operated by few mega e-retailers, argues Marcello Vena.

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World Editions Translates Dutch Lit for English Readers

Eric Visser

Veteran Dutch publisher Eric Visser launches World Editions a new translation house focused on bringing Dutch and international lit to a global readership.

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New Ways of Publishing Translations

Rebecca Carter is a literary agent with Janklow & Nesbit  UK.

Janklow & Nesbit literary agent Rebecca Carter discusses how independent publishers specializing in translation are changing the market for the better.

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HAIL, FRIENDS!: A Poem Celebrating the Year in Publishing

Roger Tagholm

In the tradition of the annual New Yorker Christmas poem, Roger Tagholm serves up some verse to celebrate the year in publishing passed.

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On French and German Attitudes to Book Prices

Jean Mattern

The French and German attitudes toward book prices originate in their long-standing cultural view on the importance of books as a bastion of culture.

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Daring Swedish YA Tale Attracts Strong Foreign Rights Deals

Jessica Schiefauer

Jessica’s Schiefauer’s Swedish YA novel Pojkarna (The Boys) is attracting strong foreign rights interest for its daring story about gender transformation.

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