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Polish Book Chains Re-imagine Stores, Expand to Small Cities

Matras Store

Poland’s two largest bookstore chains, Matras and Empik, are adding new services and plan vast expansions amid a shrinking number of independent bookstores.

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German Writers Rely on Readings, Fellowships for Income

Thomas Pletzinger

It may surprise many Americans, but German authors are paid to read in bookstores, have access to numerous fellowships and discounted health insurance.

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In Spain: Recession Hampers Translation, Piracy Stalls Ebooks

Anna Soler-Pont of Pontas Agency in Barcelona.

Anna Soler-Pont reports that as publishers have endured the recession, literary translations take backseat, while piracy still hampers ebook adoption in Spain.

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Ireland’s Publishing Strength is in Tradition, Small Presses

Vanessa O'Loughlin

Vanessa Fox O’Loughlin, the chair of Irish PEN, outlines how Ireland continues to punch above its weight in the literary world.

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Matthias Matting

Matthias Matting introduces, a new web site that connects authors from across the world to assist each other with marketing efforts.

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Global Book Market Snapshots: France and Germany

Laurel Zuckerman

In France, the popularity of French should fuel more translations and rights sales. In Germany, the book industry edges tentatively into the future.

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Can Armenian Literature Reach an International Market?

Arevik Ashkharoyan

Arevik Ashkharoyan, owner of the First Armenian Literary Agency, discusses trends in international literature and global interest in Armenian authors.

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Belarus Pours $150 Million Into “National Literature”

A selection of titles from Mataskaya Literatura.

The government of Belarus is intent on supporting its national literature and is offering the industry some $150 million in subsidies to keep it going.

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Book Publishing Market Snapshots: Serbia and Malaysia

Lucy Abrahams

The eclectic Serbian book market may be struggling, but more local writers are coming up; while in Malaysia new publishers are pushing romance and poetry.

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As Avid Readers, Czechs Campaign for Lower VAT on Books


Czechs are ranked among the most avid readers in Europe and a campaign is afoot to reduce what is seen as an excessive 15% VAT rate on books.

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