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Is Your Editor Worth It? Or Not?

Jim Dempsey is an associate editor at

If you’re thinking of employing an editor for your novel, take a look at this detailed list to help you decide if the editor is worth it. Or not.

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Futureproofing Publishing: Controlling Our Digital Tools is Key

John Pettigrew

Publishers need to create their own software solutions, argues John Pettigrew, founder of the newly launched Futureproofs platform for editorial teams.

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5 Tips for Editing Literary Works in Translation

GBO Translation Panel, from left to right: Ed Nawotka, Edwin Frank, Susan Bernofsky, tk and tk.

Three top US book editors and one translator share their top tips for working with and editing literary translations.

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5 Steps to Increasing Your Book’s Marketability with Research

Katherine Pickett

Making the most of your research to craft a more marketable book saves time and money in the writing and editing process. Here are 5 tips to get you started.

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Serious Editors Talking Seriously About Serious Subjects

The English-language editors meeting at S. Fischer Verlag

When seven English-language editors visited Germany for meetings with their colleagues in publishing, key similarities and differences were revealed.

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Extinction and Editing: Startup Collate It

An example of Collate it in action.

John Pettigrew explains the principles behind Collate it, a UK digital startup aimed at helping publishers by replicating editors’ natural workflow, online.

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Issues on the Ether: Is Self-Publishing a Flying Leap?

21 January 2014 iStock_000032347166Small photog fergregory texted story image

Porter Anderson sets up Wednesday’s #EtherIssue live Twitter discussion with a look at perceptions of self-publishing: Hard? Easy? What does it take to do well?

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Is More Crowdsourced Editing Coming to Books?

Can the crowd give your book by helping with editing?

Walter Isaacson is crowdsourcing the editing of some entries for his new history of innovators. Could this be become common practice?

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How Do You Spot a Good Editor and Avoid the Amateurs?

Red Pen Editing

There are editors, and there are people who call themselves editors. Can you tell the difference?

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What are the Risks in Outsourcing Editing Overseas?

pencil on a keyboard

The risk of piracy and the possibility of introducing errors into a text due to cultural differences are just two factors that weigh against outsourcing editing overseas.

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