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For a World in Economic Crisis, Could Spanish Be a Lifeline?

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A new report says that Spanish speakers around the world could be a key market to bet on in these times of global financial crisis

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Greek Bookseller Fights on Despite Austerity, Riots in Athens

Athenian bookseller Foteini Tsigarida discusses bringing her family business into the 21st century amid a disastrous economy in Greece.

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Will a Collapse of the Euro Slow European E-book Adoption?

If the Euro collapses and multinational companies at the vanguard of e-book distribution have to retool their systems, will it set Europe behind?

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What Publishers Look For When They Buy a Company

In the era of e-readers and digital publishing, large publishers in the US, UK and Europe have changed their criteria for selecting companies to acquire

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Swiss to Reinstate Fixed Book Prices

The debate over fixed book pricing remains a complicated and volatile one in Europe. By Amanda DeMarco On March 18 the Swiss parliament approved a […]

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Forrester’s James McQuivey Says Digital Publishing is About Economics, Not Format

By Hannah Johnson Last week, James McQuivey of Forrester Research wrote a blog post summarizing Forrester’s new five-year forecast for e-books in the USA, which […]

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The 1% Windfall: Why Publishers Need to Implement “Dynamic Pricing”

• A 1% increase in book prices could lead to significant change in the operating profits of many companies, argues pricing expert Rafi Mohammed. But, […]

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Disruptive Innovation: What Health Care Teaches Us About the Future of Publishing

By Todd Sattersten In the March 4th, 2010 issue of Bloomberg BusinessWeek, Harvard Business School professor Clay Christensen wrote an op-ed about his views on […]

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2020 Vision: Publishing Predictions for the Next Decade

Editorial by Richard Eoin Nash Last month, when this online magazine asked me if I would write an editorial on predictions for 2010, I apologized […]

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