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Using Solar Power for E-readers in Africa, France

Worldreader Solar

Worldreader now offers solar-powered charging stations for schools and libraries in Africa; France’s Bookeen is developing a new light-powered e-ink device.

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Worldreader on Book Donations in the Digital Age

Worldreader in Ghana

Dani Zacarias of Worldreader argues book donations have a dramatic impact on the developing world and it is both easier and cheaper in the digital age.

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Downton Abbey as Metaphor for the Publishing Industry

Character reading Kindle

Amazon Kindle is now a ‘proud sponsor’ of Downton Abbey. And it suits, as the show’s story arc reflects the current dynamic in the publishing business.

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Innovating to Enable Storytelling in a Digital Age

Sherisse Hawkins

The CEO of Beneath the Ink, a former Time Warner Cable executive, delivers lessons learned from the digital transformation of the cable industry.

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Why the Digital Magazine Market Is Wide Open

aquafadas tablet lucnh

Allison Reber of Aquafadas asks why are the majority of magazines not going digital, outlines the challenges and reflects on possible solutions.

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Does The Future of Reading Include E-Readers?

ebook digital publishing ereader

In New York Magazine, Kevin Roose states: ‘Software is eating the world. It’s also eating the book.’ He also doubts the future of dedicated e-readers.

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What Does Your Brain Like Better: Paper or Ebooks?

e-book and print books

Writing for the Financial Times, Julian Baggini examined some of the latest research, which he argues, is forcing us to ‘rethink how we respond to the written word.’

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Are Digital Distractions Monopolizing Reading Time?

Steve Bohme

Books do furnish a room, but according to many in the publishing industry, the fear is that emails, online video texts and tweets will prevent them being read.

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On Crowdfunding Books: When People Vote with Their Money


Adam Gomolin, a cofounder of Inkshares argues crowdfunded publishing provides its own legitimate filter, because it relies on a scarce resource: people’s money.

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Frankfurt Book Fair’s Juergen Boos on Changes for 2015

Juergen Boos, Director of the Frankfurt Book Fair (Photo: Peter Hirth / Frankfurter Buchmesse)

Frankfurt Book Fair director Juergen Boos discusses how new advancements coming to the Fair in 2015 reflect the shifting publishing and media marketplace.

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