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How Alliances Bolster Latin American Indie Publishing

Leonora Djament

A quintet of editors from Argentina and Mexico discuss the boom and future of independent publishing in Latin America.

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ePubDirect Offers Irish School Own Ebook Platform

A St. Columbia's Student using eShelf

ePubDirect has developed a proprietary digital ebook platform especially for its local primary school, St. Columba’s, in Cork, Ireland.

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135-Year-Old Houghton Mifflin Harcourt Plays to Its Strengths

LInda Zecher, former MIcrosoft Executive, now leads Houghton Mifflin Harcourt.

With Linda Zecher, a former Microsoft executive, at the helm of Houghton Mifflin Harcourt, the publisher is focused on its core competencies, notably education.

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Dutch Court Shutters Ebook Resale Site…For Now

Tom's Kabinet

A Dutch appeals court has forced the closure of online ebook reseller Tom Kabinet until the company can prove all books for sale were legally obtained.

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Ebook Platforms Know What, When and How You Read

Ereader with Eyes

A panel at Digital Book World last week offered several insights on how ebook platforms are analyzing user data and what they have discovered.

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Oui, French Readers are Just as E-Trashy as Everyone Else


French readers like many trashy books just as much everyone else; Americans are the most unlikely to finish a book…and more insights from e-book pros.

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Aerbook’s new Retail Network “enables any person or company to create, customize, and curate” an online bookstore optimized for mobile devices and social media.

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Apple’s iBookstore Growing at One Million Users Per Month

Keith Moerer

Keith Moerer, Director of Apple’s iBookstore, revealed that Apple’s iBookstore is growing at a million users per month and has seen 1 billion downloads.

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In Colombia, Facebook Partners with 24symbols for Free Books

Justo Hidalgo of 24 Symbols is "ecstatic" about the mission of

For the first time, Facebook’s app has bundled free ebooks with its services, starting in Colombia with 24symbols.

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Amazon Says It’s “Healthy” to Give Publishers, Authors Choice

Russ Grandinetti, VP of Kindle Content

Interviewed at DBW, Amazon’s Russ Grandinetti argued that the company’s ecosystem is ‘healthy,’ and aligned with the interests of publishers and authors.

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