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In Germany: Ebooks Less Than 10% of Market, Tolino Grows

Ronald Schild

Ronald Schild, CEO at Germany’s MVB, discusses developments in German ebook sales — which still command just a single digit market share — and the Tolino ebook platform.

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Print Continues to Outsell Digital During First Half of 2014

Ebook bundling

New numbers from Nielsen Books & Consumer show that ebook sales were outsold by both hardcovers and paperbacks in the first half of 2014.

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Oceano Moves Into Ebooks, Mines Smaller Spanish Markets

logo libro e

Oceano, one of the largest Spanish-language publishers, has finally launched a line of ebook titles out of its Mexico subsidiary aimed at Latin America.

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At Orion Party, Publisher Praises E-sales to 179 Countries

Lord Weidenfeld was in attendance last night.

At the UK Orion Author Party, 95-year-old Lord Weidenfeld’s presence contrasted with the news that the Hachette Group sold more than 70m ebooks last year.

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BookBub Ebook Deals Site Closes in on 1.5 Million Subscribers

Naughton Wait for Me

With the simple concept of alerting readers to a curated list of discounted ebooks, Bookbub has attracted nearly 1.5 million users in just a year.

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Has UK E-Book Adoption Reached a Plateau?

A visitor at the Frankfurt Book Fair tries out an e-reading app on a tablet

The UK has seen a slight slowdown in e-book sales growth over the last year. Does this mean e-books have reached a plateau among readers? Michael Bhaskar examines the situation.

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SURVEY: When Will E-Book Sales Overtake Print Sales?

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Do you feel the same way about e-book sales that you did five years ago? When will digital overtake print?

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Why Have US Trade Pubs Largely Balked at D2C E-bookselling?

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The big US trade publishers have largely opted out of selling direct-to-consumer. Why? Fear of disintermediating the booksellers seems moot at this point.

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D2C E-bookselling Means Being Relevant, Accessible, Honest

Jonas Lennermo, Creative Director, Publit

For publishers to make the best use of D2C e-bookselling opportunities they need to have an authentic relationship with their readers, says Sweden’s Publit.

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Does E-book Sharing Create Economic Damage?


A fear of piracy is one thing, but a fear of sharing? If social reading and community building is the cornerstone of book marketing, then users must be trusted.

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