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Are We Verging on a Digital Rights War?

julie of the wolves

There will be a war over e-book rights only if the the opposition — the upstarts and indies are willing and financially able to put up a costly legal fight.

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Dzanc Books’ rEprint Rescues Works of Literary Excellence

Steven Gillis (Photo: Ann Arbor Chronicle)

Dzanc’s Steve Gillis is on a mission to look at all the great works of literary fiction published before digital existed and bring them back as e-books.

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Paris’ Pierre Astier: A French Agent with an International Agenda

Paris literary agent Pierre Astier looked beyond an exclusively French clientele and discovered award-winning talent in places such as Macedonia and Iceland.

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The Digital Haystack: Where Are India’s Digital Publishing Programs?

While India leads the world in delivering outsourced publishing services for international publishers, its domestic industry still emerging.

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