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E-book Market in Germany Profitable for “A Small Minority”

The anti-memory device?

Our wide angle survey of the e-book scene in Germany finds the e-book market at 6.2% of sales, but growth in demand, devices and titles promises more to come.

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The Slow Awakening of E-Books in Spain

Blanca Rosa Roca

Publisher Blanca Rosa Roca says rampant piracy and inflated e-book prices are keeping Spain’s e-book market from really taking off — but change is on its way.

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Booktango and the Future of DIY E-book Publishing

Booktango home page

‘[W]hile everyone won’t be successful, everyone will have the opportunity to be successful,’ says Author Solutions’ Keith Ogorek of emerging self-publishers.

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Words of Wisdom from the World E-Reading Congress 2012

Gerd Leonhard

Access not ownership, relationships not transactions and concerns over who owns the channel to market, were all key themes of the 2nd World E-Reading Congress.

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Will the DOJ Lawsuit Slow US Publishing Innovation?


Innovative sales and distribution models in publishing will be scrutinized extra carefully going forward, lest they fall prey to the label of collusion.

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LBF 2012: E-book Price Collusion or Collision?

Andrew Franklin, Profile Books

The London Book Fair is buzzing about alleged e-book price collusion under the agency model. But is this just a result of two colliding worlds?

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France Hikes VAT on Books to 7%, Adding to Booksellers’ Woes

paris france eifel tower

As if e-books weren’t trouble enough, in France a VAT rate increase of 5.5% to 7% on books forced many booksellers to close for two days to reprice books.

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What’s More Fairly Priced at 99 Cents, Nonfiction or a Novel?

one cent penny

At 99 cents for a digital nonfiction short, it feels like an honest transaction, for a novel, 99 cents just feels cheap, like you’re shortchanging the writer.

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Ediciones B and Planeta Launch New E-book Imprints

b de books spain

Two Spanish publishers, Ediciones B and Planeta, have launched e-book imprints, and are now dealing with DRM and pricing.

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Setting Sail on a Sea of Pirates: Steps Toward Legalizing Russia’s E-book Market IPad App

Since 2007, e-bookseller has offered a legal alternative to the massive piracy of e-books in Russia. To many people’s surprise, things are starting to change.

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