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Read Complex STM Books on the Kindle? Not Possible? Not So

The digital edition of MIT's bestseller has recently been given a makeover by DCL.

Technical books, with charts and graphs, have always been a challenge for e-readers like the Kindle. DCL, working with MIT Press, believes it has come up with a solution.

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Readium Foundation Unites Int’l Parters to Develop EPUB Solutions

Today in Paris launched its new open EPUB 3 SDK Project and has formalized a strong and varied consortium of international players to support it.

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On Transitioning from Fixed Book to Reflowable E-book Formats

(Image: Mikaya Press)

Realizing no single major Japanese vendor supported fixed layout e-books, Sakkam Press was forced to switch to reflowable formats. Here’s how they managed it.

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In Corporate Publishing, Are E-books PDF 2.0?


The PDF is firmly entrenched in corporate culture, but as digitally savvy employees push for a sensible way to consume long documents at work the e-book format will take hold.

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In Japan, Kindle May Finally Push Publishers Into E-books

Kindle in Japan

Like Kobo, Amazon’s Japan e-bookstore is hampered by limited title selection, but the recent launch will motivate publishers to finally digitize their catalogs.

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Hachette Livre’s Luc Audrain on the Practicality of EPUB3


EPUB3 is a scalable, flexible format for publishers, says Hachette’s Luc Audrain, but even a year after its introduction not all retailers are ready for it.

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Are PDF E-Books Still Key for Developing Digital Markets?


As digital markets develop, we’ll likely see more walled garden platforms emerge, even if the seeds for these were sown in the humble PDF.

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The End of Japan’s E-Book Isolation

The demise of the Japan’s proprietary XMDF e-book format opens the door to EPUB3 and international standards and competition.

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Error-Free E-books Will Come “When Cars Can Drive Themselves”

E-book reading devices

Why are there so many damn errors in e-books? One frustrated reader sought answers from a prominent digital publisher and two conversion houses.

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