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Issues on the Ether: Is Self-Publishing a Flying Leap?

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Porter Anderson sets up Wednesday’s #EtherIssue live Twitter discussion with a look at perceptions of self-publishing: Hard? Easy? What does it take to do well?

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Given a Choice: Small Press, Large Publisher, or Self Publish?

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The gap between what a small press, a large publisher, and someone self-publishing is getting narrower. Do you have a preference for one over another?

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Booktango and the Future of DIY E-book Publishing

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‘[W]hile everyone won’t be successful, everyone will have the opportunity to be successful,’ says Author Solutions’ Keith Ogorek of emerging self-publishers.

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How Self-Published Authors Get Their Covers Right

When it comes to book cover design, you should weigh their options carefully. We talk to authors and service providers talk about best cover design options.

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Who Are the Best Service Providers for Self-Publishing?

Not all service providers are created equal, especially when it comes to self publishing. Which ones do you think are the best?

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StoryRobin Books: Inspired by Digital, New Publisher Moves Into Print

A former computer programmer launches StoryRobin books, a children’s publisher that offers a DIY online community site and, now, its first two titles in print.

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Will the Threat of Disintermediation Push Agents to Advocate Traditional Publishing?

With disintermediation looming, agents may find themselves advocating traditional publishing if only to maintain a role in the publishing paradigm?

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Is Customization and Personalization the Future of Book Reading?

Maybe, in the future, what publishing may come down to essentially this: one book, one reader.

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Should Publishers Credit Editors, Proofreaders, Agents and Others in Books?

If publishing is a collaborative process, it’s time to give credit where credit is due.

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Is Self-Publishing Too Selfish?

Until a DIYer takes responsibility for another person’s work and and well-being they cannot rightly call themselves a publisher.

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