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How Should the Frankfurt Book Fair Incorporate Self-Published Authors?

Frankfurt Book Fair visitors

How should the world’s biggest book fair cater to self-published and indie authors? And if they did serve up a suitable agenda, would you indie author attend?

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What’s the Advantage of Doing DIY Print, Not Just Digital?

stack of books

The pressure of publishing in print is likely produced a higher quality product than something that will only appear as an e-book.

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Autopilot Kindle Cash: Spammers Slam Amazon with Bogus E-books

Spammers have begun flooding with Amazon Kindle bookstore with bogus 99-cent e-books using a program called Amazon Kindle Cash.

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Is D.I.Y. or Self-Publishing Best Suited to Energetic Extroverts?

By Edward Nawotka Over the past few months we’ve featured stories on several self-published authors, including today’s profile of  Steve Almond, last month’s feature by Alisa Valdes, and […]

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Literary “Rock Star” Steve Almond Does D.I.Y. and Walks Away With Fistfuls of Cash

By David Duhr I’m standing awkwardly on the dais steps between a seated Steve Almond and a line of fans waiting to buy signed copies […]

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Is It Still “Self-Publishing” When Relying on Lulu and Amazon?

By Edward Nawotka Today’s lead story by Angela K. Durden describes self-publishing in the terms of a cottage industry. She is particularly appreciative of the […]

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