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How Thrillbent is Pushing DIY Digital Innovation in Comics

The first panel of Thrillbent's Insufferable

Comic book impresario Mark Waid left legacy publishing to launch Thrillbent, a digital startup he believes will unleash creativity on the page and in the biz.

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Publishing in 2002 vs 2012: Better, Worse or a Stalemate?


Provocateur John Reed reflects on the decade in publishing based on his experience publishing his 9/11 Orwell satire Snowball’s Chance in 2002 and again in 2012.

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The iPad vs. Television and Cinema as a Distribution Platform

iPad as ebook reader

Direct-to-consumer, enabled by digital, is a game changing paradigm, especially for content creators like filmmakers who sacrifice and compromise little.

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Pinball London Produces First Feature Film to Debut on iPad

Silver Goat app icon

Defying traditional models of film distribution, The Silver Goat debuted on the iPad allowing it to instantly reach a broad international audience.

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Spanish Publisher LID Defends Agency in Letter to the DoJ


Marcelino Elosua, head of LID Publishing, has written an open letter to the DoJ on why their antitrust suit against Apple and the Big Five should be withdrawn.

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SURVEY: Top Reason Authors Should Go with Traditional Publishers?

question mark survey

Publishers need to deliver value to their author clients. So tell us what is the single most important thing a publisher does for an author?

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Should Publishers Control Their Own Digital Distribution?

Marvel App

Is it wise and worthwhile for publishers to move into their own branded distribution platform? The short answer is yes, provided they have enough of a niche.

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Classroom Library Co. Promises One-Stop Shop for Teachers

Children's Library Co.

The Classroom Library Co., a new St. Louis based educational distributor and publisher, is designed with the needs of the teacher in mind.

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Lantern Books: Children’s Publishing Success in Nigeria


Lantern Books is a household name in Nigeria for publishing children’s textbooks and story books for young readers.

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How Mapin Publishing Put Indian Illustrated Books on the Map

Bipin Shah

Bipin Shah, founder of Mapin Publishing, recounts how he ventured into publishing illustrated books on India for the rest of the world and built a global brand.

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