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UK Publishing Pros Ask: “Is Publishing Cool Any More?”

The Panel: Neil Morrison, Lisa Milton, Peter McKay, and Anna Rafferty.

Will the bright, imaginative, tech savvy, book reading (or content devouring) twentysomething choose Gollancz or Google, Faber or Facebook, Orion or O2?

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Are Digital Distractions Monopolizing Reading Time?

Steve Bohme

Books do furnish a room, but according to many in the publishing industry, the fear is that emails, online video texts and tweets will prevent them being read.

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Are Global Publishers Still Suspicious of Africa?

Angela Wachuka

Kenya’s Kwani? expresses frustration at the reluctance of publishers from the “global north” to deal rights for co-editions or ebooks to publishers from Africa.

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Publishing and Technology Start-ups at BEA 2014

The Next Big Book promises publishers and authors dynamic analytics on sales and social media.

Two data analytics companies, Next Big Book and Qlovi, won startup prizes at BEA, but several others caught our eye and are worth watching through 2014.

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An “Ebook Frenzy” Hits Egypt

Mahmoud Aboulfotouh discusses the evolution of Arabic epublishing and how the launch of several new platforms in Egypt is creating excitement in the region.

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Argentine Ebookstore BajaLibros Benefits by Amazon’s Absence

BajaLibros is a fast-growing BA-based ebookstore.

Argentine online bookseller BajaLibros has attracted readers due to several circumstances, including high import taxes and the absence of Amazon.

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Kotobee: Developing Interactive Textbooks in Egypt


Cairo-based Kotobee, sister company to BookBake, has launched a new tool for developing interactive textbooks in the Arab world.

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Berlin’s Re:publica14: Making the Internet Strong and Free

Republica 14

Re:publica14 in Berlin offered a glimpse into the German internet psyche, which is consumed with issues of net neutrality, censorship and political pranks.

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Bridging the Gap: Why Publishing’s Future is at Risk

Baldur Bjarnason

Digital publishing is easier. But what if your customers want something that doesn’t look or work like an ebook? What if you can’t make what the consumer wants?

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Arabic E-books: A New Solution or Just a Revolution?

Kassem Al Tarras

The Arabic e-book market remains hampered by difficulties with display technology, piracy and censorship, problems that require new thinking, skills, and tools.

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