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Is Metabook the Next Evolution of the Book?

MGGE_intro screen

‘We are creating a new thing for a new generation of readers…this is the future,’ says Benjamin Alfonsi of Metabook’s new ultra-enhanced ebooks.

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Ebook Pricing in Australia, Germany, India: Infographic from ePub Direct

Australian Ebook stats

How much does an ebook cost in Australia, Germany or India? EPub Direct offers an infographic with key statistics on ebook pricing and more.

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PP for Italy’s Giornale della Libreria: Ebook 2.0

Ben Denckla

Publishing Perspectives’s latest column for the Italy’s Giornale della Libreria is a translation of Benjamin Denckla’s article, “If Ebooks are Software, It’s Time for Version 2.0.”

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When A Book Cover Judges You

The Cover the Judges You

Dutch designer Thijs Biersteker has come up with a book jacket that will only open when a prospective reader shows the right facial expression.

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The Advent of Robojournalism and Robowriting


Robotic writing software is now capable of producing acceptable news stories based on published reports and media outlets are beginning to rely on them.

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Will Robots Soon Customize Books for an Audience of One?

LabSense Book

In a short time automated robot authoring tools might take customization to a new level, leaping from producing stories and journalism to full books.

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It’s Okay, You Use OCR…But Tell Ebook Buyers

Ben Denckla

As error-prone as OCR-produced ebooks are, could the book world benefit by offering consumers more information about how an ebook is produced?

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If Ebooks are Software, It’s Time for Version 2.0

Ben Denckla

Low-cost ebook conversions enabled massive growth of the market, but there were many errors. It’s now time to upgrade those ebooks to a higher quality.

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Futureproofing Publishing: Controlling Our Digital Tools is Key

John Pettigrew

Publishers need to create their own software solutions, argues John Pettigrew, founder of the newly launched Futureproofs platform for editorial teams.

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BookMachine Brings Together Veterans from Planet Startup


BookMachine convened pros in New York for a public forum to talk about how a writer can navigate the maze of ebook publishing, self-published or otherwise.

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