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Digital Textbooks: Publishers and the Unrealized Promise

Michael Boezi

Legacy publishers will say they can’t produce high quality digital textbooks affordably, but that’s not the issue. They don’t want to, says competitor Flat World Knowledge.

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What is Delaying Widespread Adoption of Digital Textbooks?

Apple's iBooks Author app

It is widely acknowledged that the e-textbook market is yet to fulfill its promise and potential. Why do adoption levels remain so low?

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5 Academic Publishing Trends to Watch in 2013

George Lossius, CEO of Publishing Technology

George Lossius forecasts a year of significant change for academic publishing, including more consolidation, improved digital textbooks and the rise of mobile.

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Textbooks in the Future: Born Digital, Regular Updates, and Lifelong Access


Vikram Savkar from Nature Publishing Group describes the mission behind his successful digital textbook, Principles of Biology, at the IDPF Conference.

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In Bolivia, Digital Distribution Used to Fight Print Piracy

Print piracy is endemic in some countries in Latin America

Bolivian publisher Martínez-Acchini has partnered McGraw-Hill to sell 300+ digital textbooks exclusively through its network of brick and mortar bookstores.

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Bookstep: ‘Pay What You Want’ Textbook Model

Bookstep Logo

In March 2011, Bookstep launched to provide on-demand, digital textbook rentals to students, so they only pay for what they need.

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Digital Textbooks Go Global, Go Multimedia, Go Mainstream

Ingram’s VitalSource supplies 80,000 digital textbooks in 17 languages to 1.6 million students and faculty at 6,000 campuses in 180 countries.

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How Digital Technology Turbocharges Traditional Education

Editorial by Ron Mobed, Cengage Learning We can all agree that technology is sweeping across the educational frontier like a wildfire. Many say digital innovations […]

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