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Digital Love Stories for Valentine’s Day from Africa

logo ankara press

Nigerian romance publisher Ankara Press has produced a free digital Valentine’s Day Story Anthology featuring several of Africa’s top writers.

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Changing the DNA of the Book: India’s Papertrell

The Papertrell Team (Photo:

India’s Papertrell seeks to ‘change the DNA of books by conceptualizing and building content to have a two-way dialog creating true interactivity.’

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“Trust Your Readers and Defy DRM,” Says No Starch Press

Bill Pollock of No Starch Press (Photo: Scott Beale / Laughing Squid)

San Francisco’s No Starch Press has found success producing “sharable books for geeks,” eschewing DRM and defying conventional publishing wisdom.

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The Mobile Story for Publishers: Told in Key Stats

Thad McIlroy

Thad McIlroy offers some statistics and key data on smartphones and tablets to help book publishers figure out how to address mobile technology.

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It’s Okay, You Use OCR…But Tell Ebook Buyers

Ben Denckla

As error-prone as OCR-produced ebooks are, could the book world benefit by offering consumers more information about how an ebook is produced?

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Buenos Aires’ Gov’t Assists Publishers With Exports


A program in Buenos Aires aims to assist small- and medium-sized Argentine publishers develop overseas markets, streamline business practices and digitize.

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Ebook Platforms Know What, When and How You Read

Ereader with Eyes

A panel at Digital Book World last week offered several insights on how ebook platforms are analyzing user data and what they have discovered.

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Aerbook’s new Retail Network “enables any person or company to create, customize, and curate” an online bookstore optimized for mobile devices and social media.

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Amazon Says It’s “Healthy” to Give Publishers, Authors Choice

Russ Grandinetti, VP of Kindle Content

Interviewed at DBW, Amazon’s Russ Grandinetti argued that the company’s ecosystem is ‘healthy,’ and aligned with the interests of publishers and authors.

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Five Trade Publishing Predictions for 2015

Michael Cairns

The CEO of Publishing Technology offers his five predictions for trade publishing in 2015, including more hybrid pubs, content marketing and mobile reading.

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