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On Patrick Modiano, the Nobel, and Translation

Patrick Modiano

While new Nobel Prize winner Patrick Modiano has been translated into 37 languages, English-language editions of his books are hard to find

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Denmark’s Schilling Asks Publishing Executives to Dream Big

Shilling White Paper Logo

In its new white paper, Danish publishing consultancy Schilling challenged executives to answer “what should a publishing company built from scratch look like?”

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Entering a Children’s Picture Book, Literally and Digitally

photo kiwi

How can the digital age use the tried-and-true concept of a picture book to create something new and wonderful for children?

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Innovating to Enable Storytelling in a Digital Age

Sherisse Hawkins

The CEO of Beneath the Ink, a former Time Warner Cable executive, delivers lessons learned from the digital transformation of the cable industry.

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With Stephen Fry, Penguin Crowdsources Future of the Book

Stephen Fry Book Jacket

In opening up its new Stephen Fry book to crowdsourced remixes, Penguin hopes to catalyze an amazing, disruptive reading experience.

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The Start-up Learning Curve: Slicebooks Refines Its Biz Model


Three years after co-founding Slicebooks, Jill Tomich reflects on the evolving market for remixed ebooks and content, and how her company has adapted.

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Literary Agent Q&A: Claudia Wittman, Germany

Claudia Wittman, founder of The Wittmann Agency (photo by Sabine Münch)

Claudia Wittman, literary agent and founder of the Wittman Agency in Germany, talks about how her rights business manages the massive changes in the book publishing industry.

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Samsung Announced as Innovation Partner at Frankfurt Book Fair


Samsung will be Innovation Partner at the 2014 Frankfurt Book Fair and help showcase technology solutions and unique content experiences for the book publishing industry.

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Literary Agent Q&A: Madeleine Milburn, UK

Madeleine Millburn, literary agent in London, UK

Madeleine Millburn, a literary agent from London, offers her view on which international markets offer the most opportunities and how digital publishing has impacted the rights business.

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