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Exprima Talks: Reading Hypertext with Mark Bernstein

Mark Bernstein

What is hypertext and how does this affect the way we create and consume content? Corey Pressman and Mark Bernstein jump into this topic in the latest Exprima Talks episode.

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Book Marketing Q&A: Wiley’s Jeanenne Ray on Building Reader Communities

Jeanenne Ray, Senior Marketing Manager, Wiley

Jeanenne Ray, Senior Marketing Manager at Wiley, will speak at the Reaching Readers conference about how publishers can build strong readers communities. Here is a sneak preview of her talk.

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Lewis Lapham: The Digital Age Will Produce “a Montaigne and a Shakespeare”

The septuagenarian is sanguin about literature in the digital age.

Lewis Lapham, editor of Lapham’s Quarterly, believes we are still in the experimental phase of digital media, waiting for the next online Shakespeare to emerge.

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Amazon Moves Closer to Selling Used Ebooks


Amazon has patented a technology that allows customers to re-sell ebooks, audiobooks, music and movies in the same way that they can now sell print books, DVDs, and CDs.

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Let’s Go, Let’s Improvise!: Berlin Publishers Forum Preview

axica in Berlin

Klopotek’s 9th Publishers’ Forum starts Monday in Berlin and will address topics ranging from ONIX to agile workflows to content first business strategies.

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Designers on Book Covers of the Future

Chip Kidd's book cover design for Murakami's latest book, 1Q84

Book designers discuss how digital content and different book formats influence the aesthetics and experience of reading.

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Books vs. Internet: Whose Information Is More Accurate?

When you are looking for accurate and authoritative information, do you turn to print books or the internet?

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Amazon Tablet to Disrupt the iPad, Says Forrester Research

Amazon Android tablet

Forrester Research predicts Amazon will sell 3-5 million of its yet-to-be-released tablets in Q4 alone, effectively competing with the iPad.

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When Google Runs Out of Data to Exploit, What’s Next?

The Googles of the world may next want to exploit oral property, collective traditional knowledge that is written, but has commercial potential.

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Will QR Codes Become the Standard for Enhancing Print Books?

QR codes are increasingly used to link print to digital. The question about using QR codes in print books comes down to aesthetics and reading experience.

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