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Neal Pollack: From McSweeney’s to Big Six Star to Self-Publishing

Neal Pollack

Author Neal Pollack discusses a publishing career ‘that resembles a chart of stock exchange numbers, or maybe murder statistics.’

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What Can Schools Do to Inspire More Literary Creativity in Children?

By Edward Nawotka Over the last several years literary entrepreneurs, supported by A-list authors, have opened several imaginative creative writing centers and bookshops aimed a […]

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Inside The Ministry of Stories, London’s Most Unusual New Literary Institution

By Roger Tagholm LONDON: A little girl grins as the man on the sidewalk wearing the wolf mask stops her and asks: “Have you been […]

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Should I Tweet?

• This piece is adapted from Betsy Lerner’s new book The Forest for the Trees: An Editor’s Advice for Writers (Revised and Updated for the 21st […]

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The Rise of “Cause” Publishing

By Gabriel Levinson Contrary to death knell hyperbole of many pundits, we are entering a publishing epoch. Cause publishing, a vital trend being set by the independents, […]

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