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My Favorite Literary Feud of 2012: Tolstoy Gets Nook’ed

Leo Tolstoy had no idea what a Nook was, and yet...

Superior Formatting Publishing offered a version of War and Peace, through B&N’s Nook store, but a find/replace error changed the word Kindle to Nook throughout.

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Error-Free E-books Will Come “When Cars Can Drive Themselves”

E-book reading devices

Why are there so many damn errors in e-books? One frustrated reader sought answers from a prominent digital publisher and two conversion houses.

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Are You More Forgiving of Errors in E-books?

If e-books feel more ephemeral than print books, are the mistakes therein less alarming?

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Learn the F**king Rules!

Grammatical, spelling and formatting errors in books and e-books are becoming more commonplace, but do overstretched publishers give a damn?

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SURVEY: Has Digitization Increased Errors in Books?

More errors are appearing in books and e-books. Is digitization to blame? Are editors overworked? Are consumers demanding too much content?

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