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Chinese Publisher Aims at “Influencing American Elites”

George Zhu Daping (Photo: Forbes)

In relatively few instances fiction has influenced diplomacy, but how about nonfiction? CN Times Books, a new Chinese-owned US publisher, aims to find out.

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Novelist Chan Koonchung Remains Banned, But Big in China

Chan Koonchung

Chinese novelist Chan Koonchung says he writes for ‘his Beijing friends’ though they can’t buy his books. Here, he discusses censorship, Tibet and his new work.

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How Can Publishers and Translators Meet More Efficiently?

Ross Ufberg

Ross Ufberg of New Vessel Press laments the lack of an efficient online service to match translators and publishers — and proposes a solution:

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How Has Mo Yan’s Nobel Changed China’s Literary Scene?

Mo Yan was the second Chinese author to win the Nobel Prize for Literature.

Interest in Chinese literature was sparked by Mo Yan’s Nobel victory, but fatigue for epic, kitchen sink Chinese novels is setting in among foreign publishers.

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Popular Japanese Books Remain Hot Properties Throughout Asia

Keigo Higashino, Japan's bestseller machine, is popular across Asia

Popular Japanese authors such as Keigo Higashino and Kotaro Isaka, and prize-winners, are being translated quickly and sold in South Korea, China and Taiwan.

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China Licensing of UK Children’s Books Gains Momentum

china shanghai childrens book fair

Tight restrictions on foreign transactions did not deter UK kids publishers from striking numerous deals following the China Shanghai Children’s Book Fair.

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Sci-Fi in China Gains Credibility After Moon Rover Landing

Lu Xun, one of China's most venerated writers, got his start translating Jules Verne.

Perhaps it was the result of China landing a spacecraft on the moon, but 2013 was a banner year for science fiction writing in China, says The Daily Beast.

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Penguin China’s Jo Lusby on Chinese-English Translation

Jo Lusby

Asia Times Online talks to Penguin China’s Jo Lusby about the publisher’s aggressive Chinese-English/English-Chinese translation program.

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Best World Children’s Book Award Winner Talks to PP

Anita Pouroulis

By Dennis Abrams South African writer Anita Pouroulis, a former primary school teacher from Johannesburg, won the Best World Children’s Book Award at the China […]

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Taiwan is “Power House of Culture,” says Minister and Author

Lung Yingtai, Minister of Culture, Taiwan

Taiwan’s Minister of Culture Lung Yingtai discusses her vision for the the cultural industries and why literature in Taiwan will thrive.

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