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Chu T’ien-Wen Wins $10,000 Newman Prize

Chu Tien-Wen

Chu T’ien-wen has won the 4th $10,000 Newman Prize for Chinese Literature, which is given awarded biennially for outstanding achievement in prose or poetry.

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In China, You Don’t Need a Publisher to Rake in the Big Yuan

Just one of Tang Jia San Shao's 12 books, which has earned him a staggering $4.3 m

China’s self-publishing portals are offering writers access to vast audiences and earning them staggering royalties, and turning some into multi-millionaires.

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Chinese Book Market Snapshot: Bestsellers, E-publishing, Translation

Chai Jing, one of China's best known TV interviewers, has sold 3 million copies of her book Kanjian (Insight).

Xiaoying Chu at Charlesworth (Beijing) Information Services details the booming Chinese digital publishing market and the strides being make by online booksellers.

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Hong Kong Book Fair Gets Professional, Goes Global

Hong Kong Book Fair 2

The Hong Kong Book Fair, now in its 25th year, remains firmly focused on the Chinese-language titles, but has begun to add professional elements and global authors.

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Past Lives Capture Centuries of China in a Novel

Susan Barker

Susan Barker’s new novel, The Incarnations, uses the device of reincarnation to capture snapshots of moments in China’s long history through a single man.

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Publishing and Technology Start-ups at BEA 2014

The Next Big Book promises publishers and authors dynamic analytics on sales and social media.

Two data analytics companies, Next Big Book and Qlovi, won startup prizes at BEA, but several others caught our eye and are worth watching through 2014.

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Korea’s JR Comics Debuts Chinese Graphic Novels in US

covers chinese novels

Korean publisher JR Comics debuted its popular graphic novel series based on classic Chinese adventure stories at BookExpo America last week.

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The Beijing Cookbook Fair: Tasting the $4bn Global Cookbook Market

The Four Wallas team with their first cookbook, Sri Lanka Food.

For Gourmand’s new Beijing Cookbook Fair, launched this year, publishers came from around the world for a taste of China’s and the world’s $4bn cookbook market.

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Chinese Publisher Aims at “Influencing American Elites”

George Zhu Daping (Photo: Forbes)

In relatively few instances fiction has influenced diplomacy, but how about nonfiction? CN Times Books, a new Chinese-owned US publisher, aims to find out.

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Novelist Chan Koonchung Remains Banned, But Big in China

Chan Koonchung

Chinese novelist Chan Koonchung says he writes for ‘his Beijing friends’ though they can’t buy his books. Here, he discusses censorship, Tibet and his new work.

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