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China’s Tencent Literature Focused on Exploiting IP

Tencent Literature spin off products

In China, the powerhouse Tencent Literature mines its own IP for rights and licensing deals, while expanding this IP through acquisitions and partnerships.

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In Search of the Chinese Super Consumer

China's Super Consumers

With 800 million consumers, China is a huge opportunity and entertainment is one of the top categories, but you need to know how to market to them.

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China’s “Richest Writer” Now a Divisive Lux Pop Icon

Guo Jingming and Tiny Times Cast

Guo Jingming is often said to be the “richest writer” in China and now as the creator of the wildly popular “Tiny Times” films he likely is.

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How Much Can Chinese Authors Earn? Millions, Actually

I Belonged To You

A list of the richest Chinese authors reveals Zhang Jiajia earned 19.5 million yuan ($3 million) in royalties last year, and he is not alone.

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Liu Ruilin on Imaginist Press and China’s Publishing Future

Holger Volland, left, with Liu Ruilin of Imaginist press.

Liu Ruilin discusses her innovative Beijing-based publishing house Imaginist Press and shares her views on design, culture and China’s publishing future.

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In China: Top 10 Titles Tackling New Territory, Translations

Death Fugue sheng Keyi

Time Out Shanghai offers a top 10 list of new Chinese books that defy cliché, while Bruce Humes lists the most influential translations of 2014.

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Top 12 Articles of 2014 on Publishing in Asia and South Asia

asia globe

International companies are keeping a close eye on publishing in Asia and South Asia, including the latest rights trends and digital developments there.

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Brazil, Asia Are Key Emerging Book Rights Territories

Tom Chalmers

UK rights experts and IPR License discuss why Brazil, Latin America, and Asia are emerging as promising rights territories for books.

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“Slash Fiction” Thrives in China, Despite Government Crackdowns

Copies of Japanese boys’ love novels seized during the raid in Henan Province.

China’s crack down “slash fiction” and pornographic graphic novels hasn’t stifled the flow of material or its popularity.

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From IPR License: Global Rights Scene Shifts East, Goes Indie

world map connected online

IPR License reports that Europe and the US remain key markets for rights sales, but Turkey, the Arab World and China are increasingly active, as are self-publishers.

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