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UK’s Whitefox Serves Publishing By Curating Freelancers

John Bond

Publishers have a growing need for trusted outsourcing and greater access to curated networks of the talented people, says John Bond of Whitefox.

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Infographic: Future of Library and Information Science Jobs

USC library infographic

What does the future of Library and Information Science look like? What do patrons expect from libraries? This infographic from USC has some answers.

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Frankfurt Book Fair Takes St. Gallen Publishing Course to Singapore

Bozena Mierzejewska

The 2015 St. Gallen Publishing Course, a 10-day executive training program, will take place in Singapore to connect participants with Asian businesses.

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UK’s FutureBook Conference 2014: The Penguin Random House Show!

Tom Weldon

The Bookseller’s Futurebook conference found the UK publishing industry focused on issues of marketing, ebook subscriptions and direct sales, among others.

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UK Publishing Pros Ask: “Is Publishing Cool Any More?”

The Panel: Neil Morrison, Lisa Milton, Peter McKay, and Anna Rafferty.

Will the bright, imaginative, tech savvy, book reading (or content devouring) twentysomething choose Gollancz or Google, Faber or Facebook, Orion or O2?

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Want a Job in Publishing? Why Not Publish Your Resume as a Book


Andy Reynolds, former VP of marketing & publicity for a visual book publisher, is on a job hunt — so he showcased his expertise in the format he knew best.

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Are Unpaid Publishing Industry Internships Unethical?

Ashley Mosley

Paying publishing interns ‘zero’ is not only unethical, but a likely indication you’ll probably never hire them in the first place, writes Ashley Mosley.

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What Does the HarperCollins UK Redmayne Appointment Really Mean?

Charlie Redmayne, standing 6' 5" and one of the few former military men to run a publishing house, would be an intimidating presence in the net.

With former Pottermore CEO Redmayne running HarperCollins UK, publishers wonder what his appointment foretells about the future of the book business.

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The Swinging Door to Publishing’s C-Suite

Victoria Barnsle, soon to be ex-CEO Harper Collins.

At the highest levels of publishing the expectation of being fired or restructured is almost a job requirement, as demonstrated by several job changes this week.

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“The Problem is That Most of the Readers Love Bad Books!”

Michael Krüger

Respected publisher Michael Krüger will soon retire after 45 years at Germany’s Carl Hanser Verlag. Here he discusses the uncertain future of literary publishing.

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