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Want a Job in Publishing? Why Not Publish Your Resume as a Book


Andy Reynolds, former VP of marketing & publicity for a visual book publisher, is on a job hunt — so he showcased his expertise in the format he knew best.

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Are Unpaid Publishing Industry Internships Unethical?

Ashley Mosley

Paying publishing interns ‘zero’ is not only unethical, but a likely indication you’ll probably never hire them in the first place, writes Ashley Mosley.

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What Does the HarperCollins UK Redmayne Appointment Really Mean?

Redmayne is one of the few former military men to have run a publishing house.

With former Pottermore CEO Redmayne running HarperCollins UK, publishers wonder what his appointment foretells about the future of the book business.

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The Swinging Door to Publishing’s C-Suite

Victoria Barnsle, soon to be ex-CEO Harper Collins.

At the highest levels of publishing the expectation of being fired or restructured is almost a job requirement, as demonstrated by several job changes this week.

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“The Problem is That Most of the Readers Love Bad Books!”

Michael Krüger

Respected publisher Michael Krüger will soon retire after 45 years at Germany’s Carl Hanser Verlag. Here he discusses the uncertain future of literary publishing.

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Is UK Publishing Too “White, Middle-Class” to Be Truly Global?

Dean Atta

UK publishing is a global business selling to a diverse, global audience — one that is not reflected by those who work in the industry.

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What New Skills Do Publishers Need to Navigate in Publishing?

using a computer

The modern book industry is a multiverse that requires increasingly complex and specialized skill sets, said several publishers at the London Book Fair.

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And They Say There Are No Jobs In Publishing? Dalkey’s Insane Ad

Dalkey Archive

John O’Brien’s outrageous job listing for Dalkey Archive Press’s London office has ignited a firestorm of criticism on the internet, but O’Brien claims it was written as satire.

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Corporate to Startup: The New Publishing Career Path?

business building skyscraper

In the modern world of book publishing, should we all be preparing for a second career as an entrepreneur? Plenty of our colleagues are choosing that career path.

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UK’s BookMachine: Meetups and Social Media Networking for Publishers

Laura Austin

UK start-up BookMachine has been organizing casual meetups for London publishers, but is soon to launch a social network to help match needs with job seekers.

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