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Are Voluntary Micropayments a Solution for Digital Content?

As traditional business models of paying for content collapse, publishers must find new ways to get paid. Could voluntary micropayments be the answer?

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Which Cloud-based Subscription Model Works Best for E-books?

The available platforms for the trade focus on either a rent/subscription model or an advertising model. Which do you prefer and why?

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A Cloud-Based Subscription Model for Books: The Challenges and Opportunities

Justo Hidalgo argues that 24Symbol’s business model is a counterbalance to piracy, fills a need for readers, will generate print sales for publishers.

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Reading in the Cloud: “Spotify for Books” from The Publisher’s Standpoint

Based on the Spotify model, streaming e-book subscription platforms are tricky to monetize properly for publishers — though they appear to be inevitable. By Javier […]

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Is an “À la carte” E-Book Subscription Model Viable for Trade Publishers?

A subscription model that offers readers access to books a chapter at a time has potential to generate equivalent revenue and convert browsers into buyers. […]

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Is “Spotify for Books” Possible?

The concept of cloud reading, also known as “Spotify for books,” sounds appealing, but has different implications depending on your position in the market. By […]

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New York Times Announces Digital Subscriptions a.k.a Paywall

By Hannah Johnson The New York Times publisher Arthur Sulzberger Jr. announced today the launch date and additional details of “digital subscriptions” for the New […]

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What Business Models Will Work Best for Academic Publishing in the Future?

By Edward Nawotka Yes, it’s a huge question. But the general consensus is the university and academic publishing models are broken. Under pressure from funding […]

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How Neal Stephenson’s The Mongoliad is Revolutionizing Immersive Online Storytelling

By Michael Bhaskar People constantly talk about social reading as the next business model for publishing. Well, it’s here, it’s The Mongoliad. In the febrile, […]

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Are Writers Powerless to Make a Living in the Digital Age?

• Jaron Lanier is the author of You Are Not a Gadget and “father of virtual reality” considers whether writers and “content” creators can make […]

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