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5 Ways Publishers Can Be More Like Start-Ups

Rebecca Smart

Osprey CEO Rebecca Smart offers advice to publishers on how to take advantage of startup culture, whether you have a legacy business or a clean slate.

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Osprey Takes Flight on Brands, Tribes, “Clonefiles” and the Crowd

Rebecca Smart

The UK’s Osprey Group is not afraid of taking risks and after several acquisitions and innovative programs under the leadership of CEO Rebecca Smart, the publisher is thriving.

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Should Publishers Open Bookstore Cafes? They Are in Korea

Munhakdongne Publishing Group's book-themed Cafe Comma in Korea

In what’s become a trend, Korean publishers are opening popular bookstore cafes. Should more Western publishers follow suit or is bookselling no longer part of their DNA?

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Why Fanfics are Like Startups

ethernet internet cables

Fanfiction is rewriting the narrative of publishing and challenging convention, much like technology startups.

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In Buenos Aires, A New Digital Publisher Challenges Assumptions, Gorillas

Cecilia Esposito at Buenos Aires Book Fair

Los-Proyectos is a new, DRM-free digital first fiction publisher in Buenos Aires whose passion defies cynicism and conventional thinking about e-books.

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Combining the Television and Publishing Mindset

NBC Logo

‘We don’t have editors,’ says Michael Fabiano, head of recently launched NBC Publishing, ‘we have producers, and that’s an important distinction.’

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PUBSLUSH: New Publisher Inspired by J.K. Rowling and TOMS Shoes


Jesse Potash, founder of PUBSLUSH, explains how his new publishing company marries crowdsourcing with altruism, and serves as a tribute to J.K. Rowling.

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Will the Freemium Fiction Publishing Model Work in the West?

Will freemium fiction be able to attract a large enough audience among Western readers, where cheap e-books are readily available?

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Does the à la carte Book Model Appeal to You?

Are you attracted to a service such as BookRiff, which allows you to build your own book from a broad range of content? If so, why?

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Are Voluntary Micropayments a Solution for Digital Content?

As traditional business models of paying for content collapse, publishers must find new ways to get paid. Could voluntary micropayments be the answer?

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