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Is Publishing Too New York-centric?

New York’s outsized influence on publishing is felt across the US, but is it good for the other 99%?

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In Order to Compete in the Future, We Must Look Back

By Erin L. Cox Bookselling is an art. When we talk about the business of publishing, sometimes we lose sight of the fact that what compels […]

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Richard Nash Q&A: Sneak Peak at Redlemonade, Discusses Reading, Personal History

By Chris Kubica Last week, I asked my colleague, Richard Nash, founder of Cursor — a “Publishing 3.0” startup based in Brooklyn, New York, publishing […]

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Brooklyn Embraces the World: Book Fest, Publishers Boost International Lit

• The Brooklyn Book Festival, which takes place this Sunday, is devoting a stage exclusively to international programming. Among those authors appearing will be Pakistan’s […]

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Ugly Duckling Presse Transforms Into a Digital Swan

Brooklyn indie poetry publisher Ugly Duckling Presse has turned to e-books as a means of re-issuing out-of-print poetry chapbooks, which has doubled readership for the […]

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More Hipster T-Shirt Designs in our Store!

By Hannah Johnson We are pleased to bring you two more fabulous t-shirt designs from our New York office, both available in men’s and women’s […]

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Proof that Brooklyn Rocks the Literary World!

By Erin L. Cox With this week’s release of the authors slated for The Brooklyn Book Festival, it seems clear that Brooklyn is the center […]

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Introducing the Mobys: Book Trailer Awards

By Edward Nawotka There was a time when “book trailers” were, by and large, ad hoc and amateurish. Today, they are often slick little professional […]

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