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Brazilian Children’s Books on the Rise in Frankfurt

Miriam Gabbai of Callis Publishing was a Frankfurt veteran.

Leading Brazilian children’s publishers are in the spotlight this year at the Frankfurt Book Fair, and demonstrate Brazil’s growing rights business with markets around the world.

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Videos from Frankfurt: Brazil, Predictions, Charlie Redmayne, and Casper Grathwohl

Screen Shot 2013-10-10 at 10.24.52

On the first day of the 2013 Frankfurt Book Fair, the Publishing Perspectives video team interviewed agents, publishers and organizers about their expectations for the near future of the industry.

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Brazil at the Digital Tipping Point

PublishNews Brazil

In 2012, global ebook retailers descended on Brazil. This year, the big story is about education and the shift to digital books in schools.

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Coelho Cancels Frankfurt Appearance in Protest of Brazil Gov’t


Paulo Coelho cancelled his Frankfurt Book Fair appearances as an act of political theater, rather than support for genre writers, as he claims.

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“Using Few Words To Say More”

Francico Pereria

Brazilian harbor pilot Francisco Pereira is launching Reflexiva—a publisher, institute, consultancy, and charitable foundation—at next week’s Frankfurt Book Fair.

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Ahead of Frankfurt, Brazilian Translations Gain Traction Abroad

Spohr Armageddon Germany

Ahead of Brazil’s stint as Guest of Honor at the Frankfurt Book Fair, we spoke with several publishers about the reception of Brazilian literature abroad.

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Brazil, “A Land of Many Voices,” Comes to New York


Prior to the Frankfurt Book Fair, the German Book Office in New York hosted a party celebrating Brazil as this year’s Guest of Honor Country.

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E-Publishing Growth is Organic in the Developing World


Emerging markets incorporate international digital publishing models, while at the same time putting their own stamp on them, writes Octavio Kulesz.

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Frankfurt Book Fair Director on German/Brazilian Collaboration

Juergen Boos, Director of the Frankfurt Book Fair

With Brazil as Guest of Honor at this year’s Frankfurt Book Fair some 250 Brazilian books are being translated and Germany will feature at Rio’s book fair this month.

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Ether for Authors: Does Publishing Need More Gatekeepers?

6 August 2013 iStock_000008965052XSmall photog PurpleMonster86 texted story image

In Ether for Authors, Porter Anderson looks at the NY Times’ wistful call for ‘more gatekeepers’ for authors; copyright contentions; ‘thought verbs,’ and more.

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