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Why Book Publishers Need to Think Like Amazon

Rakesh Satyal

Two branding experts argue that the future for publishers lies in going direct to consumer, offering examples of companies that have succeeded.

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Is Licensing an Opportunity for Self-publishers and Start-ups?

digital self publishing

Today, perhaps the most ambitious and aggressive community in publishing is self-publishing. How practical is it for a self-publisher to pursue licensing deals?

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5 Tips for Publishers Pursuing Licensing Deals

John Styring, CEO, Igloo Books

Licensing provides many routes for internal and financial growth, and publishers really should be wise to them all. John Styring, CEO of Igloo Books, offers his top tips.

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Why Publishing’s Future is All About Globalized Brands

Eric Huang

Publishing is not about digital or physical, says Erich Huang, New Business Director at Penguin Children’s UK: it’s all about brand and nontraditional creators.

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What Amazon’s New Brand Pages Could Do for Publishers

amazon pages

Amazon has introduced a new marketing feature for brands and companies who want to highlight their products on the online retailer’s website: Amazon Pages. Could this be a new opportunity for publishers to brand themselves?

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The Secrets Behind Brand Faber

Faber's Will Atkinson speaks about branding at the Frankfurt Book Fair

Faber’s Will Atkinson spoke in Frankfurt about the publisher’s success with its branding initiatives.

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Liked The Books? You’re Going to Love The Soup


Talk about a brand extension: the Chicken Soup for the Soul series of books has over 200 million copies in print, and, natch, are now going into the book biz.

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Should Publishers Control Their Own Digital Distribution?

Marvel App

Is it wise and worthwhile for publishers to move into their own branded distribution platform? The short answer is yes, provided they have enough of a niche.

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Is Customization and Personalization the Future of Book Reading?

Maybe, in the future, what publishing may come down to essentially this: one book, one reader.

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Why Do So Many Publishers Say “I Love You, Now Change”?

By Edward Nawotka “I love you, now change,” is something we’ve all heard before in relationships. It’s likely that instead of actually being in love […]

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