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“Keep Customers in the Shops,” Says Livraria Cultura’s CEO

Pedro Herz

Pedro Herz, CEO of Brazil’s biggest book chain, Livraria Cultura, says that the key to staying in business is simple: keep customers coming to the stores.

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Foreign-language Bookstore in Cairo Hurt By Lack of Tourists

Cairo Eypt Bookstore

Cairo’s Lehnert & Landrock, a 65-year-old German bookstore and art gallery near Tahrir Square, may be forced to close as a result of the fall off in tourists to Egypt.

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Cuba’s First English-Language Bookstore Opens

Photo Credit: Washington Post

Cuba Libro, Cuba’s first (tiny) English-language bookstore opens — one more sign of an easing of restrictions on the island.

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Should Publishers Open Bookstore Cafes? They Are in Korea

Munhakdongne Publishing Group's book-themed Cafe Comma in Korea

In what’s become a trend, Korean publishers are opening popular bookstore cafes. Should more Western publishers follow suit or is bookselling no longer part of their DNA?

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Why WHSmith Remains the Most Remarkable Story in UK Bookselling

WHSmith shop

A tightly focused strategy on maintaining margins has enabled WHSmith to persist after than two centuries at the heart of UK bookselling, inspiring admiration and ire alike.

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Publishing Personalities Advise on Designing the Bookshop of the Future

Stanfords frontage

Foyles asked for advice on designing the bookshop of the future and several notable publishing personalities shared their ideas with Publishing Perspectives.

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What Does the Bookshop of the Future Look Like to You?

Harris advises publishers to get out of distribution and into their own branded bookstores.

Describe what the ideal bookshop of the future looks like to you? Is it big or small? Does it offer ebooks an POD services? Use robot booksellers? Let us know.

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Can Bricks-and-Mortar Bookstores Win a Price War with Amazon?

Bookworld Price Guarantee

Australia’s Bookworld has guaranteed that it will beat Amazon and other online competitors’ prices by 10%. But are they risking losing too much profit?

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Florence’s Timeless Bookstore for Expats and Travelers


Florence’s English-language Paperback Exchange bookstore is as old as Christ was when he died and relies on the shop owners’ good taste—and that of its customers—to stay in business.

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What Tourists Shop for at the Scholastic Store in NYC


Tourists from around the world visit Scholastic’s bookstore in New York City to buy the big brands, books on NYC, as well as some surprising series.

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